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Widower submits a song about his wife of 73 years to a songwriting contest

Aug 26, 2013 By Abraham

When 96-year-old Fred saw a songwriting contest advertised in the paper he couldn’t help but write one for his wife who’d passed away only a month earlier. They had been together since the 30’s.

Unable to play an instrument or sing, Fred simply mailed in his lyrics. The studio holding the contest saw his song and read his story in the letter he attached and decided to record it for him.

Whether you like the final outcome or not, this is a beautiful story…

(Have some tissues nearby and don’t watch this when you’re with people you don’t want to cry around.)


    1. Mrs. Dale Dwan says:

      I thought this video was Wonderful, Fred & Lorraine were Blessed all those yrs to have spent time together.
      We will buy the video. Dont be sad but Glad that people have these experiences

    2. Trudi says:

      One of the great gestures of true brotherly love we get to see and enjoy. thanks for sharing your talents and creating a beautiful piece of music that so many have loved. Speaks well of all of you involved. And bless Fred during this time. Beautiful song and video. Well done.

    3. Julia says:

      Thank all of you for sharing…..especially a huge thank you to Fred for sharing some of his life with us!!!

    4. Sharon says:

      That was beautiful. God bless you Fred.

      My husband and I should have been married 26yrs today, he died 13 years ago, i’d have loved to get to my 90’s with him xxx

      1. Sum Dum Guy says:

        Sharon, I know exactly how you feel. No, that is not a trite expression. I lost my wife of 16 years to cancer 20 years ago. On this very holiday, Mother’s Day. She was 36. And I had to see this video today…….. Life can be cruel and beautiful, all at the same time.

        And Fred, I am so happy for you that you had all the time and joy with Lorraine. I would be jealous, but I am just happy I had the time with my wife that I did. As evidenced by the next post down, some people don’t manage to find what we had. And Martha, don’t give up hope, he may be around the next corner, waiting to run into you. Or in the next decade or two, waiting to get out of a bad relationship he feels trapped in “for the kid’s sake” or some other noble reason.

        I’ll paraphrase the song now: “the memories linger on, and how I wish I could find the strength to keep moving on…”

    5. Martha Mahaffey says:

      That was the kind of love I was raised to believe in and hoped for. Unfortunately, I never found a man that loved me like that. I’m happy Lorraine did, even though I feel sorry for her husband for going through the pain of losing the love of his life. His song says it all about how much he still loves her. God bless him!

      1. CVT6702 says:

        I would like to tell him again his wife can see what he has done from the after life and one day when its time to she will be waiting for him along with others have gone before.
        We have all been present when someone we love is ready to pass over, and they will suddenly look up and call the name of someone in spirit, and thats because they know when its their time, and they come to meet them and take them back into the spirit world with them.
        I write this so no one in the future will ever be afraid of passing, and its also because of the sadness people feel when someone close to them dies and they feel so lonely and have the feeling in many cases that the person is gone for ever but nothing could be further from the truth.
        In fact after this song its possible that his wife could visit him in thought or in his dreams to tell him these things.

    6. Annie F. Snow says:

      I don’t know how to go to UTube. However, I would love to buy this song. I was adopted. My real mother’s name was Loraine. I heard about her from my sister I found that knew about my brother and I. We were adopted together by a lovely couple. It was the nephew of our Foster Mother.

      1. aida says:

        annie.. you can purchase the song on iTunes not you tube. i hope you are able to buy it. its a beautiful song

    7. sally kelly says:

      you r right. I cried thru the whole thing. You guys are great. What a great tribute to lorraine….and I feel so sad for fred.

      I would love for you to write something for my son. we lost him 3 yrs. ago. he was 28 yrs. old. He was the sweetest person you could meet. If you were ever his friend….you were his friend for life. He never met a stranger. I miss him so much.

    8. Diane Kress says:

      Dear Fred ,
      I am certain that Lorraine has heard your song and is smiling. What a beautiful song and beautiful tribute to your marriage and your life together. God bless you!

    9. alion overton says:

      Hi Possum! thanks for letting me reply to your comment as i don’t know how to make one with out replying! this is for the Green Shoe recording studio – i would like to give Fred more than 99cents – can i send a check to him in care of Green Shoe? he said he doesn’t have any extra money. thanks.

    1. Les says:

      Why did this beautiful story not make the mainstream news while the Miley Cyus human failure story was plastered all over the TV screens?

      1. mreedtec says:

        Miley Cyrus is a dumpster fire……smoke…flames….nothing lost…..or really just a waste of skin and good air….

  1. Robert Casebolt says:

    Loved it, that ole Fred is a great guy and I really feel for him to miss the Love of his Life like that. I plan on purchasing “Sweet Lorraine” I think it is a great song. I give Kudos to Green Shoe for doing that for Fred!

  2. Candi Nordhagen says:

    My mom’s name is Lorraine and she passed away in March. She and my dad would have been married 66 years in June. He was by her side for 66 years and continuously for the last 8 as her constant companion and care giver. There are some great guys in this world. Green Shoe, than you so much. I did purchase “Sweet Lorraine.” I will listen to it with my dad and will remember the Kleenex.

    1. Jennifer Woodruff says:

      Aww, that’s awesome! :) I feel that’s a way God works to bless us in our hardships by others experiencing similar hardships.

  3. Kelly Wagner says:

    Such a sweet story. I don’t see the link to buy it on iTunes, so I hope you’ll add it; I was able to find it by searching iTunes, but it would be great to make it easy for folks to buy this beautiful song and almost more importantly, the beautiful sentiment behind it :)

    My grandma recently gave me an old vinyl record of a song that my great- great- grandfather wrote for his wife, who died of typhoid not long after they moved here from England, leaving him with five children to raise. He wrote the song, called “Keep Smiling”, after she passed, and it was recorded some time later in NYC. It’s a real family treasure to have captured this token of long-lasting love. Thank you Green Shoe, for capturing Fred’s love for Lorraine this way for he & his family, and for sharing it with the world as a reminder that true love does indeed stand the test of time.

      1. Liz says:

        I would love to hear “Keep Smiling” as well. Hats off to Green Shoe for this story and making his story come to life.

      2. Jorn says:

        I’d like to hear “keep smiling”, I like songs that have some kind of reality attached to it.. some sense of true love and pain that has been put into songs…

        1. Eric in MN says:

          I, too, would love to hear “Keep Smiling!” Maybe Green Shoe could do this song, too! My wife and I have been married for 25 years, and known each other for 33 years — but SEVENTY-FIVE years???!!!! THAT is special!

          Thanks for doing this video!

    1. Les says:

      Dito. Green Shoe is appropriately named. In the securities business, when demand for a new issue exceeds supply, the underwriter can issue more shares on behalf of the issuer. I hope demand goes through the roof on this song!

  4. Darlene Nealey says:

    To have a love like that…………….Thank you Green Shoe fro doing this for Fred….(and us)
    You all did a fine job!

    1. Donna says:

      Agreed! Is there anyway this song can get out in the world and become the hit it deserves to be? It has the capacity to change hearts & lives if not the world towards a better place.

      1. Boozer says:

        I agree Donna. It would be awsome to have this wonderful song played across the Country!
        I just feel that the youth of today would ridicule this song without getting to know the story behind it.
        And that would be a sad memory for Fred.

        1. Missy says:

          Boozer, I think you discount the youth of today. Raise your expectations a little, and you may be surprised by how the youth exceed them.

          1. Sara says:

            I TOTALLY agree!! This is SUCH a sweet song!! A must Play!! Fred or no Fred this song has such sweet sentiments on it’s own merits of the lyrics!! What IS amazing is that Fred captured the grateful sentiments of appreciating the essence of a beautiful partner,confidante,love which, truly is what everyone seeks!!

          2. Paul says:

            Thank you Missy, for holding us to higher expectations. Without knowing Boozer’s personal definition of “youth”, I am 22 years old and I strive everyday for the love, care, presence of mind, respect, trust, honor, empathy and other values and actions that are required for a relationship of 75 years. I greatly value the sincerity that Fred put into both the song and the interview, and I will have a successful relationship very much like his because of the deep commitment that I expect of myself and my significant other.

          3. Jonathan says:

            Paul – Thank you for your refreshing comment. Yes, you will find the perfect love of your life – because what ever we sow, we just as surely reap. You are planting seeds of love and blessing and you cannot fail to have an abundant harvest. Wishing you, as well as Fred and Green Shoe, every blessing.

        2. Justine says:

          Well, I’m 26, so I don’t know if I would still be considered “the youth of today”, but I bawled the whole way through the video. And I would beat someone’s ass if I heard them make fun of this in any way. So maybe that’s what he means about the youth of today. lol

        1. Jen says:

          Whoa. Unnecessary! People are entitled to opinions. You can work to change them (as I am currently working to change yours), but telling someone to kill themselves seems extreme. It’s online bullying.

  5. Penny says:

    Sweet story, love the song, but this has to be THE worst-produced video in the history of self-congratulatory videos. Jacob is *so* rehearsed, everything tries so hard to be arty, and what’s with the annoying sunburst in the upper-righrhand corner before *every shot change?
    Looks like it was edited by a 16 yr old girl and her gay 15 yr old male friend on his new Video Toaster.

    1. Mary says:

      Oh Penny I wouldn’t normally reply like this but I felt sad reading your comments. I don’t think it was put up for any critique or award it was simply a kind gesture in honour of a great love. Reading your post for me just added a bitterness to a lovely moment in time of sharing a man’s deep and enduring feelings for his wife and the kindness of the people involved to produce it. Yes it may have a commercial side but never the less it is a great thing to share. Your post is like a dagger piercing the love we all want to experience and stands out for me as someone who isn’t very happy with life. I wish you peace.

      1. Rosegirl7 says:

        Exactly Mary. I wish Penny peace too. Something must be really bothering her to come across so bitter in the face of something so very beautiful and deeply moving. Kudos to the producer to did this for Fred in honor of his beautiful wife and to Fred for sharing such a refreshing story of true love with us and all that it means. So uplifting.

        1. Marina says:

          Completely agree with Mary and Rosegirl7…
          Ephesians 4:29
          29 Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.

          1. Arben says:

            “Except when I want you to carry out genocide…”

            1 Samuel 15:3 –
            Now go and smite Amalek, and utterly destroy all that they have, and spare them not; but slay both man and woman, infant and suckling, ox and sheep, camel and ass.

            Stop quoting Bible verses as arguments.

          2. Becky says:

            You clearly don’t know anything about the Bible. These are 2 very different parts of the Bible and 2 very different people talking. One does not discredit the other’s message.

            Just out of curiosity, if you took out the “Ephesians 4:29” and slapped something like “Buddha” on it, would you still hate it just as much?

      2. Anonymouse says:

        While I’m all for Fred and Lorraine, I can’t help but be sad that the studio’s exploiting money out of this. They never said explicitly if the proceeds were going towards Fred, so I don’t think they are… And I get that Jacob used his resources and time, but after he breaks even, the rest should go to Fred. If not, then the song should be free so everyone could embrace Fred’s message… Otherwise they should stop saying “support Fred” and such.

    2. William says:

      Its so easy to criticise..but then again maybe you have these skills? and if you do..then please use them for good. Say whatever you want about the production…the intent and the result were good..forget about being a hater…instead spend your time helping

      1. cgb says:

        C’mon people, she did say “sweet story, love the song”- All she criticized was the production, which, I tend to agree is pretty cheesy. If something’s going to be put in the public domain as ‘art’ it’s subject to criticism. It’s not like she was shitting on Fred himself or his long relationship.

      2. Les says:

        I never feel anger, but sadness and pity for those who simply don’t get it. I hope Penny has a side to her that she just didn’t articulate here in mistaken deference to a technical analysis.

    3. Tina says:

      Yeah, Damn you Jacob for trying so hard at your job, rehearsing so everything is flawless. Come on. Like who actually dedicates time into their work these days. Get with it Jacob. Penny, PLEASE show us what this video is really supposed to “look” like. Obviously you’re a filmmaker so you know whats up.

      The video wasn’t about the (well done) production. Its job was to tell a story. THATS. IT. And it did its job perfectly. So Penny, you can take that ‘annoying’ sunburst and shove it up your ass.

    4. Donna L. Mitchell says:

      Penny, To your 6 negative remarks versus the only 2 good ones… You should have thought of the old saying, that if you can’t say anything good, don’t say nothing at all. Does it really matter that Jacob was so rehearsed, or that it seemed “Arty”, or that the little bit of Sunburst ripped into your nerves… Not to mention the fact that you thought it appeared to be edited by a 16 year old, and what’s with the “Gay” part…Seriously??? NONE of the above listed warranted an opinion like yours! Do you have a personal vendetta against their company, or did you have a song they turned down…??? Take a deep breath, count to 10 or something before trying to destroy what happiness most of us found! You seem like an intelligent person… Figure the Sunburst out on your own…!!!

    5. livewire says:

      I’m sure everyone is thankful to you Penny for your kind and profound words….perhaps a little sleep and a ray of sunshine might brighten your TUNE!

    6. Jennifer says:

      You have a lot to live with… I feel for you.. you’re so angry!! Doesn’t change my opinion of the story.. it’s a gift!

    7. Alex says:

      Just because no one wants to hear criticism, that doesn’t mean Penny’s criticism isn’t dead on, which it absolutely is. Anyhow, love the story presented. Beautiful.

  6. rene says:

    this is one of those few moments that give us hope. thank you for what you did in taking this lovely mans memories and giving him the ability to honor his wife. Not many have the opportunity to experience real love in their lifetime, this is something more young people should watch, anyone engaged and anyone considering divorce..because, in the end if you marry someone you really love then this should be the legacy that lasts..what a beautiful piece.

  7. Erin says:

    Thank you, Green Shoe, for putting this together. I watched this 3 times and cried 3 times. You all did such a beautiful job capturing the emotion he was trying to convey. The music, the vocal, everything is just perfect. Such a testimony of what marriage can and should be like, and also a reminder to not take one day for granted with those that we love. God bless you, Green Shoe, and Fred as well.

  8. Mary says:

    Beautiful story and so touching to still see the adoration and love in Fred’s eyes as he talked about his wife. Lorraine did indeed look like a very sweet person and their love for each other is right there in every photo. Brilliant project guys thank you for sharing. x

  9. Cheryl Greene Hawkins says:

    As tears stream down my face, my heart is very happy & moved…thank you Green Shoe for doing this precious video & song. I totally disagree with the negative comment above, I didn’t see a badly produced video, as I was too busy being blessed. I loved every minute of it & I thank you again from the bottom of my heart for your kindness & generosity to this gentle man, & especially for sharing this story, song, & video with us. Of course I will buy his song & encourage others to also. Blessings to you & Green Shoe.

  10. Susan says:

    You did an extraordinary job setting these poignant words to such a beautiful melody. Such a pity that Lorraine can’t hear all the love captured in that song (But who knows? Perhaps she can…)

    1. Justine says:

      Oh man. I felt the same way….it’s a good thing they didnt post a donation link to Fred because I would have emptied my bank account in it.

  11. Tom Beaudreau says:

    What a tearjerker!
    I’ve written a song or two about my girlfriend Ann. I don’t think it comes close to this, I guess it takes a lifetime of memories and losing someone to really get that emotion out there.

    Great tune

  12. Kate says:

    Yes, I did cry…and cry and cry. Not many of us are privileged to know a love and a friendship like this.. a marriage that lasted through the ages and will endure forever and to be made a part of it was indeed yet another privilege of this marriage.

    I did as the video suggested, I went immediately to my ipod and downloaded the song… Here’s to you and Lorraine, Fred.. Thank you for sharing the memories.

  13. tookytan says:

    This is one of the most beautiful stories I have ever heard. I couldn’t stop crying once I heard the song. It was beautiful, so deeply touching. I will definitely get a copy. Thanks Fred for sharing your special love with all of us. I’ll never forget you and Lorraine

  14. Barb says:

    This song is beautiful! You did a great job writing it, Fred, and Green Shoe for making it. I don’t usually like country music but I am buying this one! I agree with a comment above- why aren’t radio stations playing this?!

  15. Alana says:

    It’s always so nice to see people take the time to listen to ordinary people, and care. Thank you Green Shoe Studios for this uplifting story and renewing the hope that there are still people out there that care!!

  16. Donna says:

    This is why I have such high regard for the elderly. They paved and set the way for the younger ones to follow. What a fine example of true love. God’s blessings on Fred and his honoring of his wife. And thank you for what you have done to honor him in this way.

  17. Jane says:

    Tears streaming……great job Green Shoe and hugs to Fred. He had a sweet Lorraine indeed! I am off to buy the song in honor of their love.

    1. Dolores says:

      My heart went out to this wonderful gentleman and for his memories so crystal clear of his love for “Sweet Loraine” .
      How many of us wish we could come close to such devotion and love the first time around!
      Fred your one of a kind Sir and your Mrs. must have been too! The music was beautiful and needs to be played in a good movie of their life and love .
      “God Bless” all who helped make Fred’s dream come true .
      Thank you Fred for sharing your life.It was an honor to hear something so true and pure!
      Where can I buy this music at ? That young mans voice did do the song justice and Fed loved it very much .

      So to Miss Doom and Gloom keep your remarks to your cold self …we all loved the video!

  18. Robin says:

    Can’t stop crying. Such a beautiful tribute to the woman he loved. Kudos to Green Shoe Studios for actually caring. Loved the song. Fred was one in a million and obviously Lorraine was also.

  19. Kevin Heairet says:

    As a singer songwriter, who spends most of my time writing songs, rather than listening to songs, I HAD to listen to this song, because of the compelling story behind it and the depth of Fred’s love for Lorraine. Sadly, this kinda love is part of a dieing breed of our times! Now, 20 years is a long time for couples to stay together.Kudos to Fred and Lorraine for their love and for Fred to capture his love in written words and a BIG thank you to Green Shoe Studios for capturing the spirit, the essence of the song and putting a lovely melody to it!! Very heart warming, even if it does bring a tear to the eye…:) <3

  20. Mary says:

    As I set with tears running down my face, my heart swells with gratitude for the sharing of this great love, my husband and I have been married 15 years and this just reminded me that there is great love out there…Fred you are a wonderful man and your Lorraine was a very lucky woman…God bless you, she is smiling down as we all listen to your words of love….Thank you Green shoe for doing this and for sharing…

  21. kelly Gerhart says:

    Sweet Lorraine is a testimony to a great and rare love, from a time that no longer exists. Bless Dear Fred, and his full heart, and for pouring it out for the world to share. This gift of song is timeless and threads an ancestoral love and respect from another time into a modern day weaving of affection, that so many can relate to, regardless of how old they are. Love is a treasure to be sure, and for some it lasts a life-time and beyond. Thank you Green Shoe. Thank you Fred.

  22. Teri says:

    For us anti-iTunes people, could you get this song for sale on Amazon MP3? Is the official name of it “Sweet Lorraine”? Thanks.

  23. Kelli Klein says:

    Beautiful story and a beautiful song. I wanted to give him a hug. Thank you Green Shoe and Jacob. You did a wonderful thing and an awesome job!

  24. Beverly says:

    Thank you Green Shoe and the nice young man who spoke on this video. What a heart you must have to recognize the need for this man to share his great love. God Bless you Fred as you finish your journey here on earth. I hope many are touched by your wonderful love to your wife and maybe a lesson for others.

  25. Lou Grottano says:

    Fred, I loved your song and although not deceased, my young 67 year old wife has Alzheimer’s disease. So in a sense I am right there with you buddy, living the loss of many years of memories. Only thing different is she is still right in front of me and the constant reminder and hope of a return to normalcy is no existent. thank you for the tune and the memories. Lou

  26. Megan Levitt says:

    This story and song is a tearjerker!!!! Blessings to Fred and Green Shoe!!!!! It is totally worth buying!!!!

  27. christine says:

    I thought it was WONDERFUL I loved it. It is super nice and its was very very thoughtful that you took the time for Fred. May you all be blessed as you really fulfilled not just Fred’s dream but I believe that Loraine was smiling upon you. God Bless and thank you for sharing your act of kindness !

  28. Kathleen says:

    Fred, you are a beautiful person….thank you for sharing your love with the world …Lorraine is looking down on you and loving you each and every day…..

  29. Ilona says:

    Lovely. My in-laws are approaching this age, and it looks like my father-in-law will be in the same position as Fred soon. I can’t imagine being without someone you’ve known and loved that long. My heart goes out to him.

    Where is the iTunes link? I don’t see it, and I’d buy this song in a heartbeat.

    1. Anne HH says:

      go to Itunes and in the “search” just type
      Oh Sweet Lorraine
      and this Green Shoe version will be a choice. It is just 99 cents.
      Good luck
      I’ve listened to it a dozen times today :)

  30. kathykat11 says:

    Penny, what a cynical post. I do not know how to down load but I am going to learn to get this. Green Shoe you guys did a wonderful job. I only get 551. disability but .99 is going for this. It is food for the souland is as important as food for the body some times. I don’t believe in love for me but I am a believer in the love of these two. With love like that Fred and his Sweet Lorraine will not be apart long.

  31. Nancy says:

    This is a beautiful love story. This couple had a beautiful life together. Thank you for allowing us to if only for a moment to see and feel that love. God Bless You Fred.

  32. Teri E says:

    Penny- I hope you find someone to love you like this man loved his ‘Sweet Lorraine’- maybe you’ll not be so bitter and nasty.
    What a beautiful tribute by a beautiful man.
    Thank you to the studio for making this come to life for us all to enjoy… it makes me very happy that you didn’t just discard his entry…

  33. Kelly says:

    That was so touching. I love to hear of a love so strong it can stand the test of time. A love so strong that after 75 years, he still saw her as a young girl. He still could see the spark in her eye, the curl of her smile.
    I love this. So simple, and honest. I only listen to music that tells a story. And this is amazing. My heart breaks a little every time he spoke of her, but was immediately filled with the light of his love.
    Thank you. Thank you for bringing this to life for him, and for everyone that is moved and touched by this piece.

  34. Marige says:

    This is so wonderful….this is what a lot of marriages are missing today the kindness to one another and the thoughtfulness. Hopefully this will catch on and “pay it forward” to what we should be. Sit back and appreciate one another, quit being so materialistic and judgmental……I will play this every day Thank you Fred for sharing your life with us and Greenshoe for helping him out. He certainly deserves it.

  35. Siggynurse says:

    What a beautiful story on so many levels! As a Hopsice Nurse I am fortunate enough to see these kinds of beautiful “love stories” everyday which is part of what makes my work so rewarding but, it is wonderful to see one shared in this way. Green Shoe … I honor all of you for giving this man such a wonderful gift!

  36. MK says:

    I am so glad you extended this kindness to Fred. This was a beautiful song and a beautiful story. We should all be so lucky to have 75 years with our own true love.

  37. Nadia says:

    Just fantastic. Fred reminds me of my husband’s grandpa who died earlier this year. Sounded like him talking about his late wife. Great story and song.

    1. Paula says:

      I don’t have Itunes in my puter. Is there some way we can just send some money to Fred.? It was awesome and heartfelt.I cried and so did my niece. Lord to have a love like that is soooooo rare these days.!!!

  38. Anne HH says:

    I think this is an absolutely beautiful love song—so simple—but says so much. What a beautiful way to allow Fred to “tell his story” by putting his words into such a lovely melody.
    I did in fact go to Itunes and dowload immediately. I have listened to this song so many times today— I actually cannot get it out of my head :)
    I posted it on my FB page and asked people to take the simple 5 minutes to watch your video and listen to the song.
    Fred’s words make us all think, that, in fact, we all “wish we could do the good times over again….life only goes around once –but never again….the good times….the good times….all over again.
    Please express to Fred that his words have touched many—they have definitely touched me.
    Lorraine must have indeed been so special.
    thank you again.

  39. Vickey says:

    Fred, you are an inspiration to us all. Your love for Lorraine is truly touching. My husband & I will soon celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary. God has blessed us so much. Fred thank you for sharing your story & Greenshoe & Jason for seeing the blessing & inspiration this song will be to all who see this video. Your company has really given something very precious to Fred. To God be the Glory!

  40. Terri says:

    So beautiful. Really touched my heart. My mother just passed away in May right before her and dad’s 62nd anniversary on June 5. There is so much in common with this couple and my parents. My mother’s name is also Lorraine.

  41. Rob says:

    This makes me sad for myself. I have and will never know what it’s like to be loved. It doesn’t seem fair that nobody can love me. At 40-years-old, I’m so unattractive that no one has ever flirted with me or asked me on a date. I wish I could have just one day of this man’s supposed happiness. I would take someone just pretending to like me; they wouldn’t even have to touch me.

    1. Pam says:


  42. Sod Rlupe says:

    I would so donate my time and skills if you ever wanted to lay down a percussion track. This is an awesome story, especially the end where he talks about her, but you can see he is there with her while he is doing it!

  43. Anonymous says:

    I actually started crying the moment i heard his voice. Though many people do not feel emotion, see it or hear it nor sense it, some (About 68%) people pick up on it quite fast. This man, Fred, literally just lost 3/4ths of his life in the blink of an eye, and people have the audacity to make any form of a hateful comment.. You can look in Fred’s eyes right when he hears the guitar play and notice his entire presence change, as time was slown down – Who knows what happened inside his mind but it was special. And not that movie type of special – this is higher than that. Fred was one amazing person just from this, who in their 90s takes time to hopelessly send out romantic words and stories of love to strangers? Fred. Love is powerful, and i don’t mean today’s form of “love” – it meant something different to my father than it did to Fred and myself, it’s forever changing. Fred, keep your head held high, as you always do.

    ~A friend

    1. Ariana says:

      You took the words right out of my mouth! Not even one minute into the video I had years streaming down my face. I have such a soft spot for seeing older men get emotional. Plus, this reminds me something that my grandfather (who is the most amazing man I have ever had the pleasure to meet) would do for my grandmother. Fred’s emotions were so truly powerful, sincere, and passionate. The beauty of him and his heart really shined bright through to me. Fred, you’re an amazing man. Definitely buying your song on iTunes.. Wish I could buy it twice :-) Love Always.

  44. Rhoda says:

    Very touching. Thank you Fred for sharing such a beautiful, special song and thank you all for bringing it to life. Love the vocals and everything about it, well done! :)

  45. Karen says:

    What you did for Fred was priceless. You could see the emotion after he listened to his song in his face and eyes as he relived those memories. You are an amazing young man and keep doing what you do to bring the music into peoples lives. I will be downloading O Sweet Lorraine.

  46. - A Friend says:

    What a sweet, wonderful man, with a beautiful story to share. So glad the studio and musician was generous enough to get his song out.

  47. Donna L. Mitchell says:

    My Mother passed away back in May, and this a reminder to me of what it is like for my Dad… She was 92. This is one of the sweetest songs I’ve ever heard that is straight from the heart! To find the kind of love that Fred and Lorraine had can rarely be found these days. I am sure that they weathered many a storm in their lives, but held on to their love and faith in God… I know she loved this song, and even the Angels smile upon Fred…!!! Though I cried, my heart was warmth… For this Fred, I Thank You!!! ♪♪♫♫♪♪

  48. Len Randall says:

    I lost both of my grandparents a couple of years ago who had celebrated 80 years of marriage. I think my grandfather hung in as long as he could although my grandmother was sick for many years before passing away at the age of 96. He passed away about one month after my grandmother died. I feel in his mind he was going to be there for her until the end, and he was. What a beautiful tribute Fred gave to his “sweet Lorraine”. I guess I am a sentimental old guy but if you watched this and did’nt cry then I hope you find the love of your life that melts your heart like my wife of 38 wonderful years has done mine.

  49. Angie B says:

    A Very Beautiful Reflection on a Beautiful life shared. I purchased this song, what a great song Fred!

  50. Ms Liz says:

    I heartily agree with the poster above who asks for this to be subtitled. I am hard of hearing and can only catch about half the words. The beauty of the story and emotion come through–I would so very much like to understand the words. I urge you to please add captions! (there are plenty of companies on the web that can easily do it for you.)

  51. Catkins says:

    Thank you so much for investing in the life of such a sweet man. People want good stories and his devotion to his wife deserve way more credit than the Miley Cyrus debacle. Bought the song and posted video to my FB page.

    1. marilyn halcomb says:

      Catkins, I so agree. What Miley Cyrus did cannot hold a candle to this song! This was straight from the heart. It made me cry too! While Miley Cyrus made me sick! Thanks Fred for sharing “your Lorraine!!” The 2 of u made a beautiful couple! And Your Sweet Lorraine was a beautiful woman!

  52. Rickie says:

    In reading these other comments, only one negative person…..sure enough someone has something nasty to say to a beautiful effort and personal share…..I am sooo proud of Fred and Green Shoe Studio….any time someone is Brave and steps out they know there is the possibility that someone somewhere will be RUDE….It is just life…The percentage is 100% in my book…..there use to be….throw out the Top comment and the Bottom comment….the part in the middle keep…..So from where I stand Fred you are appreciated across the board and to the Studio…the Guitar work and production I thought was excellent….only critique I would give is…..I wish it had a few more verses..As far as Radio Time….That is not as hard to put together as everyone might think. Radio People are always looking for Public Interest Stories…..And this one has a wonderful song to go with it….Please, drop me an e-mail if you want to research getting this into the Country Radio Stations…..I Use to Work in Radio….Promotions and Marketing….Special Events Coordinating…..Loved the work….I worked in the secular world,,,,but, I am a very devout Christian….So Fred remember the Good Books Says,,,,,,There is a Huge Celebration coming and we WILL all be together….AGAIN! RickieL/Oregon Crew

    1. marilyn halcomb says:

      Rickie, that is just so sweet of you to offer to do that! It is a great story to tell! I know a lady that took care of her husband of many, many years and she missed him so! Love is so precious in our lives and we are so blessed to find it!!! Someday their circle will be complete and Fred will see his sweet Lorraine in heaven. Heaven got a new Angel Fred, your sweet Lorraine! Oh man, this is such a tear jerker!!! Just a wonderful love story!

    2. John says:

      Nicely put Rickie. Glad to read about caring people who search and find the gems in their life….as well as others. The greater reward is in the afterlife. Poetry, poems, and music are all expressions of our emotions and feelings (good and bad); and personally, I enjoy the ones that I can understand, appreciate, and share some insight to the soul. Knowing the story behind this song (from Fred’s feeling of loss to the outreach and compassion of the community and Studio), makes the song sound much sweeter. The Secular World NEEDS more songs like Fred’s Sweet Loraine!

  53. Thomas says:

    You are incredible. I really enjoyed your song, the lyrics touched my heart. We need to remember the simpler generation, before they are all gone. Lets teach the young how to be more like you Fred, and your late beloved wife Lorraine, Sweet sweet Lorraine.

    1. Cindy says:

      I agree…well said, Thomas! Somehow…I feel like I know you! ;) as for the haters….please….don’t dump on something that the clear majority was moved by….just button your pie hole, PLEASE!!!

  54. Karen says:

    I found this video to be so touching and sweet. Thank you Green Shoe for taking the time to produce it. Each time I listen to it I cry. I think this meant so much to Fred and it’s such a beautiful tribute to Loraine. We should all only hope to experience a love like they had.

  55. Jared says:

    Is there someplace where I can download this track. I don’t listen to this type of music… But this was beyond inspiring. Thank you God for this blessing. I hope I get to live this long with my future wife God has planned.

  56. Lou says:

    What a beautiful love! Lorraine was quite lovely. Fred is a sweetheart. His song is from the heart. So sad that he lost his true love. Thank you for the song.

  57. Sheri says:

    Awesome!!! I need to figure out how to find it and download it…thanks so much, that brought back fond memories of my grandparents who were together for 75+ years. That was an awesome video and song! I LOVED IT!!!!

  58. Cameron Young says:

    This totally destroyed me. In a good way. What a beautiful, wonderful gesture.

    Thanks Green Shoe. Thanks Oceanna.

    Thanks Fred.

  59. JT says:

    Wow. Just Wow. This song forced a tear or two out of a 6’7 20 year old. THIS is true love. Wow.

    Maybe one day I’ll get to feel love this strong for someone.

  60. Justin Myles says:

    Im crying….. Touched. Shared this on my facebook and website. Folks its time we take a step back and soak up the pure goodness in this life. We are here for a good time, not a long time. Live.

  61. DutchUncle says:

    People today treat marriage like it’s a toy or “just something to do” instead of what it was intended to be,,,75 yrs. this should be a goal rather then an oddity. This is what built this country,,,NOT bed jumpers and cheaters. A stable home and family is the only thing that will bring this country back. The Family is the cornerstone of Any Society, remove it and they whole building falls. This is why our country is failing its young,,,no REAL families left.

  62. Freddie says:

    I was just reading some of the comments and it is just funny to see how everybody wants to symphatize with this kind of…let’s call it “sad love stories” I am sure if this song had been played in any radio station to open comments without saying a word about the story very few people would have like it! Why…? Easy, the song has nothing to say! people would have asked “and who the hell is Loraine?” and so many other things. But no, they needed the story to back up the poor lyrics -of course Fred is not a composer. He is just an old guy who misses his wife- and the poor and boring instrumental rhythm. So for sure very few people honestly liked it but everybody wants to play to be human and full of feelings and stuff when they really don’t give a damn about anything. Yeah it’s a nice story -personally I didn’t cry or felt touched by it- but there are people who just feel everything in a different way. So if I don’t like the song I’m automatically a bad person or a miserable one..? I’m sorry but that’s a stupid statement! So at the end of the story it reads “buy the song in iTunes support Fred” as far as i saw Fred does not need any kind of support in fact he said he didn’t expect anything. So now Green Shoe just want to appeal to people’s double moral and feelings to collect some money because everything is a business opportunity! This song is not going to the radio simply because it is not good, period. Good for the old fellow Fred he wanted a song for his dead wife and he got it. That means the world to him and he is the only one who feels that real deep love. The rest of you people are just playing a game. And for the ones who are thinking “oh you are a horrible human being!” Let me tell you I AM NOT and for sure I am not a hypocrite. So in the same way you think you have the right to come here and claim that you cry for hours even days reading Fred’s story; in the same way respect people who have a different opinion. If you don’t want to be objectified do not objectified the ones who do not think like you. It doesn’t mean they are bad people. They just have a different way to see things.

    1. Bev says:

      Freddie, it isn’t necessarily the song, it the love story. It’s that we can imagine the heartbreak and the missing of this person who shared his life and love for 75 years. “So for sure very few people honestly liked it but everybody wants to play to be human and full of feelings and stuff when they really don’t give a damn about anything.” It almost feels like you’re calling the folks that like this song a hypocrite. Music speaks to different people. The voice that sang the song was good, it was just sweet and pure. You keep talking about the lyrics, they were simple and to the point. The song is about love and missing that love. Very simple. Yes we all have different ways of seeing things. So don’t put us down because we liked it. We won’t put you down because you didn’t.

    2. David Lee says:

      Wow- surely you must be the life of anyone’s party huh? Do you go to weddings and point out how horrible the groom is or why the bride should consider herself lucky to be able to fit into her dress? Perhaps you bring a list of all the wrongdoings someone has done to their funeral just because of some asinine compulsion to ‘keep it real’?
      There’s a little thing called class, which obviously have no comprehension or usage of that term.
      Pretty sad and easy to see which end of the gene pool you sprung from.

      Save your jaded derision for the Miley Cirus’ and Gaga’s of the world and learn some manners.
      Better yet, how about putting that holish nature of yours to better use in something a little more akin to your style- like politics or law enforcement- there’s plenty of assholes there imposing their views so you should fit right in.

      Now, I say this to you because I AM a horrible human being. Like you I felt the need to utilize my God given talent of parade pissing, hence this little retort. One major difference though, between brutes like us- I have some measure of honor. I know what the word respect means. You’re just a bully who probably beats his dog because of the need to feel superior. Judgement is a bitch and yours is gonna be memorable to say the least, Have a great and productive day.

    3. JT says:

      Fred is not just an old guy who misses his wife. You underestimate the value of human life. Every single person on earth is full of experiences and memories good and bad. 75 years is really really long time. Yet when it’s over… it’s just… gone. Like that. That’s heartbreaking.
      So Fred wanted to make a small tribute to his wife and this recording studio decided to make that tribute so much more meaningful and beautiful. Yeah maybe the lyrics are bad but if you know the story behind the song then every word in the song is so much more amazing. And I think this song can relate to alot of us in the world who have lost loved ones. It doesn’t matter whether it’s played on the radio or not. The people who know what it’s about and love it are good enough. this song speaks to so many people already so Fred made a fantastic move at sending in his story and the recording studio did a wonderful job at rendering these lyrics into a great piece.

    4. K Alongi says:

      Neither did I cry at all ..but it is a sweet story ..very touching. In case you don’t/can’t remember the timeless classics of the 60’s music, when some songs told stories, others just had a simple tune and even simpler lyrics – people identify with the simplicity ..story or no (backstory included or not) ..How profound was “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” ..or any number of other songs which have made history? The simplicity is what makes it profound! People love it (some of us) -u don’t Have To love it ..its ok ..different strokes for different folks ..don’t think there’s many of us calling you out for being so terrible ..but don’t show your jealousy or whatever little pet peeves you might have over someone’s being generous on Fred’s behalf ..reread what you wrote and have some respect for the ones who may have a different opinion than you!

  63. Debra says:

    What a wonderful thing to do for Fred & Lorraine, and hats off to the studio for seeing the beauty in the lyrics, and the story. After all, the really great love songs come from emotion felt this deeply. I think everyone did a great job really capturing Fred’s sentiments and sense of loss. And that makes for a great love song!

  64. Alex Ewing says:

    What an absolutely beautiful video and story. There should be more and more like this! It’s made me want to make the most of every day with my amazing wife. Thank you Fred and God bless you.

  65. Katybeth says:

    The song is wonderful and brought tears streaming down my checks…but Fred made me smile: his hahaha on his letter about his voice, the gumption to send the lyrics into the radio station; the twinkle in his eye when he talks about his love for his wife.
    Fred, I hope our comments are helping you feel less alone (Kind of like internet pen pals) and I hope you will skip the ugly comments and trust Lorraine to take care of those people.
    Let us know when you write your next song!

  66. Nell says:

    Fred made my day…what a sweet love. I have been married for 40 years and hope that I can make it at least to 75 just like Fred and Lorraine.

  67. Al says:

    Mr. Fred.

    I have only ever seen a marriage consisting of love once in my whole life. I thank you SO MUCH for convincing me that there are still lasting, serious and loving relationships out there that are based purely on a persistent love. I hope you find comfort in your grief. Thank you so much.

  68. jarrett says:

    well, the song didn’t make me cry, but it did bring a smile to my face. he reminded of my poppa a bit. just his personality. we need more people with the morals from his generation nowadays. sady, they don’t make them like that anymore.

  69. Barbara says:

    Yes, like everyone else’s comments. THANK YOU!! It helped Fred, it helps us. Life is precious, whether monthes, or 75 yrs! Congrats to Fred and Lorraine. What a BEAUTIFUL couple! Thanks for terrific song, awesome video tribute. What a wonderful thing to do. Way to honor them.

  70. Rashella Poitra says:

    I absolutly was touched such a heart warming song and a beautiful story. To me thats country music at its best the performer and song writers did one hell uv a job. Sweet Lorraine is a very beautiful way to say I love you and I’m sure she heard every word of this song. He reminds me of my grandfather I love n miss him dearly. I hope alot of people get a chance to hear it. INSPIRATIONAL….:)♥

  71. Linda Osborne says:

    This is such a touching story about a very special couple. Thanks to all of those who gave Fred the most wonderful gift he could receive. Beautiful lyrics and music!

  72. jan canyon says:

    It is a rare thing to be loved as muich as he loved his wife and that deserves special honor. You did a beautiful thing from the heart producing his song. Thank you.

  73. JMP says:

    Before my mother passed away, I would visit her in the Alzheimer’s unit of the nursing home, where she would sit, a hollow shell of the hard working, funny woman she was, gathered with other men and women who were wisps of their former selves. And now, I see my father, who will be 95 in November, and really has no current memories; only vague memories of his past, which aren’t really memories to him, but an amorphous perception of his current existence, sitting in his chair, a once strong man, frail and sometimes lost. This video made me think, not only about my parents, but all of those who are fractured, and feeble by the passing of time. We forget sometimes that they all were once young, with full rich lives. That their history is what shaped our present, and that it’s important to not take our present for granted, because there will come a time for us when the memories we create now won’t be our past, but the reality that we cling to when our bodies and our minds fail. Fred’s a lucky man. He led a simple, but abundant life with a woman he adored, added richness to the present by creating a family that will create its own history and its own future, and he is one of those old people who is blessed with a full memory of it all. The next time you see your mom or dad (if you’re still fortunate enough to have them) or you see an old person, who has lost their faculties. and is locked inside what may seem to be a hollow shell, remember not only what they are, but who and what they once were. Remember that without them, there is no you.

    1. Surfdancer says:


      What an amazingly profound post you wrote….urging us to remember who these seniors are around us and the rich and active lives many lived. I think as Americans, we seriously need to cultivate and propagate deep respect and reverence for senior citizens, as many other cultures do.

      Your post really inspired me. I speak to my 79 year old Dad daily, because he’s my best friend and some day, I know will be the last day I speak to him- but until then, I’m gonna enjoy every last drop of his time on earth with us.

      Thanks again, JMP. People like you make me smile widely.



    2. Cindy Smith says:

      You touched my heart JMP,just as much as Fred and Lorraine’s sweet-loving marriage of 75 years and the beautiful song dedicated to his wife with the amazing gift of Green Shoe Studio,to make this come true for Fred! As I teared up.I thought of my own wonderful parents,Curt and Wilma Robbins,who have been married 62 years,full of love and life yet,and Dad just celebrating his 80th Birthday this month!(Mom will be 79!)At my Dad’s Surprise Birthday Party,all ten of us kids were blessed to have our picture taken with our parents again,as we have over the years,but now esp.when my oldest brother,Vic,(who just turned 62 this month!)from Florida makes the trip up for summer visits! So these precious moments are more rare and family get togethers need to happened as much as possible<3 Enjoy the memories of your mother and continue to share the best times with your father with alot of love<3

    3. Les says:

      JMP … You are sooooo onto life! My mother died just days before what would have been their 60th anniversary. My father suffered from severe dementia in the last two years of his 93-year life. During those last years, every single Monday I would relieve his caregivers and spend the night with him. Occasionally, someone would carelessly comment that it was futile since he didn’t recognize me anyway. I would usually reply, “he knows. he knows.”

      He passed early this year. What I would give to have just one more Monday night with him!

      I’m glad I “inherited” his uxorious gene. Thirty-eight years with my wife so far and I still have a crush on her.

  74. Yolanda Wear says:

    Just Amazingly Beautiful all around! Yall are Awesome for Being so Kind Hearted in so many ways! One request, Can you please post the links to songs to buy them, I know several people would love quite a few of your songs.

  75. Louisa says:

    Fred, what a beautiful tribute to your sweet Lorraine! I loved the lyrics and the song! Thank you, Green Shoe for seeing the beauty in this love story!

  76. Iain S says:

    Beautiful story. Thank you Fred for sharing it with the world and thank you Green Shoes Studios for telling it so well with such an amazing song.

  77. Kim says:

    My God.. That was a beautiful story and the lyrics and melody to his song is just wonderful.. and the final outcome of Fred’s music is unbelievably incredible!

  78. Yvette says:

    I don’t have (nor do I want) iTunes. Can someone tell me, is there a way to purchase the song other than iTunes?

  79. TBird says:

    A pop up comes onto the screen and says to buy it on ITunes to help support Fred – which I would love to do but cannot find it. There should be a link here to where you can get it.

  80. Deoro says:

    I haven’t cried in several years, and for some reason I have a soft spot for older people. In today’s world, I wish that we could go back to the time when love was so wholesome and pure, like it was for Fred and Loraine. I may not have known Loraine, but this song conveys so many emotions, and I guess it touched me in some special way that I felt the grief that Fred felt when we was writing this song. Green Shoe Studios gets my props for making Fred’s wish come true, and you can bet that I’ll be one of the first to purchase this song on iTunes.

  81. annie bailey says:

    so very very touching it makes you cry 75 years is a long time to be married and to loss one or the other only he know how it fells,my heart goes out to this man ,to see such love is awesome ,and for someone to come along and do something with the love song he made up for the woman he loved and miss ,you or yous much have a wonderful great heart to do that for him all god blessing to him and you wonderful guys for doing a act of great kindness for someone who was touch by the song ,and it sure was a lovely song and even more so when you put music and a voice with it many thanks to you,for making him happy ,,

  82. Dixie says:

    Thank you Green Shoe for seeing the story that meant so much to Fred……….the love of his life “Lorraine” ! At 96 I think you gave him something to hold onto for the rest of his days. The music was absolutely beautiful with the words.
    People back in the day had values and believed in family and church. They were held together by love !
    Fred you are so amazing…..I would love to sit and listen to your stories. God bless you.

  83. Erin Cathleen says:

    As a journalist and a songwriter, I immediately latched onto this story… And I was crying before hearing a single note of the song. I admire Fred’s strength and his heart, and the fact that in this tech-obsessed day and age, Fred’s simple handwritten lyrics, mailed through the post, stood out among video submissions. That’s real, honest to goodness songwriting, and you can’t mimic that authenticity with all the technology in the world. I’m only a twenty-something but even I yearn for simpler days and handwritten love stories, although I am grateful for the technology that brought this song and story to life. Cheers to you, Fred; you are an inspiration to those of us who strive to write, live, and love as you still do. Thank you for sharing your beauty – and your heart – with the world.

  84. Davide Trezzi says:

    Dear Fred,
    my name’s David, I’m 40 years old…typing from Italy.
    Following young guitarist Nicholas on fb I read about your lost.
    Watching your video immediately it seems to me to be in front to my beloved granpa, I really miss…the voice and the eyes are the same, incredible!

    But most important think is that I’m sure your sweet Lorraine is close to my sweet Claudia…I’ve lost 6 years ago.
    I wrote a song in that days never had courage to play…maybe one day, who knows?

    A big hug and keep in touch!

    Congrats to green shoe studio

  85. Kimberly L Rundle says:

    What a beautiful story and amazing song, thank you for doing this for Fred you can see in his eyes how much he loved his wife and misses her. You will be blessed over and over for the work you do!

  86. Sharon says:

    Absolutely beautiful. God bless you Fred.

    My husband and I should have been married 26yrs today, I lost him 13yrs ago, i’d have loved to get to my 90’s (or even 40’s) with him.

    Bless you xxx

  87. Sharon Smith says:

    Beautiful song touched my heart. My husband has wrote songs for me but never had them published. They too are beautiful it was a wonderful act of kindness what you did for Fred.

  88. Kristen says:

    Such a beautiful story and I love the song. <3 RIP Lorraine. Thank you Fred, for sharing your story with all of us.

  89. Bonnie says:

    My husband and I will have our 50th anniversary on the 8 of Sept. hopefully we will make 75 as well. Loved the story and will down load the song.

    1. Les says:

      I have only sadness and deep pity for anyone who makes fun of this. It tells me that he/she is so bankrupt emotionally that he/she may never get it. How empty to go through life never capable of feeling what’s obvious to the rest of us.

  90. Ashley says:

    I am left speechless after watching this incredible video. At 34 years old and having 2 failed marriages behind me, I am convinced that love like this no longer exist. I cant even begin to think of what I would give to have someone who cared and loved my son and I the way that Fred cares for Lorriane!
    Fred, I cannot thank you enough for sharing this and letting us all in on such a very special part of your life. I know sit and dream of what it would have been like growing up in a home like this!!! Such a beautiful story!
    Green Shoe Studio, hats off to you for your amazing job! Not only did you take the time to read the envelope that came in versus an email or post, you were able to see the true value in what you had received. You still then took it even further and made Fred something he will cherish and can pass on to others with his legacy some day!! I pray that someday we will have more people like yourself living as our neighbors!!!

    1. Les says:

      Have faith, Linda. My wife and I are married 38 years; I still adore her and always will. But, as important, our two sons have grown up to be old-fashioned romantics too as we’ve seen how well they treat their wives. I expect our grandchildren to watch and learn the same.

      Guys…however you treat your wives, always remember, your sons are watching.

      The Linda will change her mind. Yes, they still make them the old-fashioned way. Just depends where you look.

  91. kiris says:

    Omg this made me cry I watched it a couple of tines this is soo sweet good luck Fred and you should make another one……

  92. Kathy says:

    Fred, that was awesome. Love like that doesn’t happen to often. I am happy that u had 75 wonderful years together…now, that almost never happens. Wishing I could Hug you, and yes, I cried for your loss. XO Keep strong…she would want that. You look and are terrific at 96, I could only hope. Take good care and cherish the memories. KK

  93. Cheri Fenske says:

    I was trying to imagine reliving your memories over all those years and how difficult it had to be for Fred.
    She was his everything…they had a beautiful love story,marriage,life…
    My heart broke seeing the pain of her being absent from his life in his loving eyes.
    You can feel and see the loss he feels without his beloved bride Lorraine…
    God bless him to move forward and learn to live without her by his side…at least or awhile longer..
    We appreciated the kindness and heartfelt ,sincere thought you put in this for this amazing ,kind,loving man.
    I’m sure it meant the world o him to have his letter/ song come to life through his eyes and your talent..
    Incredibly moving…I bawled..and my heart hurt for him..longing to still have her there:(
    It was absolutely the most beautiful tribute a man could do for his life long bride…
    God bless you all for your beautiful hearts…

    God bless Fred…soo truly sorry for the loss of his love of his life…Sweet Lorraine…
    My thoughts,prayers,sincere condolences go out to him and his precious family…

    Thank you for sharing his story and Fred for opening up and sharing his personal feelings and heartache.
    He had something with Lorraine that most uf us can only Dream about…
    True love like this is so truly hard to find..
    So,happy he got to have and know love so real for so long in life…they were truly blessed to have one another .
    Thanks again for sharing this beautiful love story to the world..
    It touched my heart& Soul to the core…

    Cheri Ridgeway-Fenske

  94. Les says:

    I’m male. But I won’t blame it on cutting onions. It was even harder the second time I watched the video.

    Married 38 years just last week and I still have a crush on my wife.

    Fred is a refreshing reminder there are some universal constants in this world while Hollywood tries to tell us otherwise.

  95. Lorraine says:

    Thankyou for publishing this beautiful video and putting lovely music to Fred’s poem for his darling. Bless his heart. What a wonderful thing Jason and Green Shoe did for Fred. A true “good news” story. Thankyou.

  96. Chris says:

    Truly amazing and touching. He kinda reminds me of my father. cried like a baby..this is so wonderful, Thank you for posting this and Thank you Greenshoe for making Freds song live on forever.

  97. Tracey Kaminsky says:

    What a Beautiful song and a mans journey of his life with his wife (so seldom heard of anymore)
    What an incredible thing the contest manager did for fred .Not only was his song produced but his life in memory put back to life for him ..
    Such an beautiful story !

  98. Les says:

    I want it to happen for us just like Fred and Lorraine. That is, I want her to predecease me. That’s because I love her too much to let her endure the pain of widowhood. I should shoulder that. But if there is mercy, we will go on the same airplane clasping each other’s hands returning from our last marvelous vacation well into our nineties.

  99. John says:

    That was lovely. Can I ask whether all the money from the iTunes sales will go to Fred, or to a charity of his choice? Apologies for asking such a direct question.

  100. NaySayer says:

    Something tells me that for every 1% that goes to Fred, 99% will go to the video producers. Maybe the whole thing is a scam….?

  101. Sadie Henry says:

    I loved this song, I would like to have a copy of it, It Blessed My Heart. I think it’s wonderful for a marriage to last this long, praying that Robert and I have many years to share our Love .

  102. JustJessie says:

    It blessed me to hear this song and story and will bless many others. Thanks for sharing this – it has blessed us, one and all.

  103. Lorraine Sherwood says:

    I really want to buy this song “Sweet Lorraine”. My name is Lorraine to and I hope I can spend that many years with my husband. How can I get this song? Can’t get iTunes to download so I can buy it. Any suggestions?

  104. Linda says:

    What a love story. Praying for you Fred I know how much you miss your Lorraine but thank you for blessing us with such a genuine love song & story.

  105. Glen says:

    Wonderful Song & Story! Fred heaven is a real place & Lorraine is smiling over you today & you will see her again because of the wonderful Love of Jesus for you…Blessings.

  106. Kim Hanson says:

    This is such a beautiful story and song. We all can learn a lesson from this, young and old! God bless you Fred for a beautiful love song and Greenshoes for recording it!

  107. stephanie thorade says:

    This has got to be one of the most priceless moments shared! ♥ God bless you Fred and I pray that the Lord heals your broken heart! :)

  108. Beta zed_too says:

    Ok, overly critical person. At first, I thought it was a cross between Beatles, and Crocker, ex: Help from my friends. I was expecting long notes and shorter notes based on the writer. They did hold the last note as anticipated, but not quite so much, as anticipated. I think someone could do a remake of this song, or a different beat. I’m thinking, faster beat underneath, and hold some other notes longer. Let the music vary within itself. ;). Great lyrics. :)

  109. Marc says:

    So, firstly, is it just me or is this the most Christian comments board on a non Christian website ever? Anyway, I liked the video and thought that the idea behind it was definitely tear-jerking, it made me feel very warm inside I have to admit. But am I perhaps the only one here who felt even worse for Fred after hearing the actual rendition of the song? I mean the gesture was sweet, but perhaps they might have done the guy a favor and got someone who doesn’t sound like Creed (and not so shamelessly self-promoting) to produce the song? Imagine someone with actual talent making a meaningful song from Fred’s lyrics, in the style of whatever music Fred actually intended… Now that would have been the perfect ending to this sweet video.

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