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Woman Chased By Hundreds of Gently Stampeding Rabbits For a Snack

Feb 17, 2014 By Abraham

A woman walking through a park discovers that the area is overrun with, as she described it, “millions” of what at first seem like the most adorable assailants ever. But maybe they’re not assailants at all.

Maybe they’re a crowd of faithful believers following the one true way…

According to Yu Yu Lam Lam, who originally posted the video to Facebook, all these rabbits were worshiping her because she was their prophet…also because of the tasty snack in the bag.


  1. Bunny Boy 666 says:

    chased? she’s shaking a bag of treats at them trying to get them to follow her. “I’M TERRIFIED!!!”

    1. crispy says:

      I wondered as well if it was Okunojima here in Japan. I couldn’t read the sign, but the island looks VERY familiar to me. I stayed there a few days years ago. They have a lot of rabbits there.

  2. Internet Observer says:

    Please do not give entitlement, er, food to people, er, animals, or they won’t work for it, and will demand more entitlements, er, food.

  3. Thsou Mitsget says:

    Oooouh, I laav thoos tiny cuddlingy wabits. Bu ther will be a problem later. Thee multiply multiply multiply multiply and then eat out everythinga and everyonna.

  4. NormB says:

    She should take a tip from our enabler-in-chief President Obeyme and just give them all EBT cards and ignore them.

    1. leon says:

      oh jesus christ did you really have to bring up obama… this a japanese woman with a bunch of rabbits… i am failing to make the connection you are really reaching for… can’t you just take your hatespeak over to the fox news website?

  5. Shawn says:

    Apparently there are no dogs on the island. An average playful dog would run through that herd biting off the heads and flinging them in the air, for sport, and if it were hungry, perhaps eat some later.
    I think it’s somewhere like Sanya–it sounds like she’s saying “there are a lot of them want to eat” sort of, in my humble Chinese level, doesn’t it? Like “hen duo yao guo” type of thing, you Hanyu speakers?

  6. cathy kesler says:

    tame rabbits.. I see dutch rabbits not usually found in the wild…video was set up hope all the rabbits got collected and taken back home, or someone turned loose an awful lot of helpless bunnies

  7. Bunny says:


  8. the stub says:

    So the question this brings up is…Would you rather fight one horse sized rabbit, or 100 rabbit sized horses?

  9. Mickeyfin says:

    No coyotes around, or big dogs. I lived in the Coneyo valley, Spanish for rabbits, and the hawks, coyotes and wildcats were well fed. We had pretty of bunnies, so they did well also. Of course, if you run down the street with food, most animals will follow.

  10. My Little Bunnies says:

    Wow! That’s a lot of rabbits! Are there any houses in that island or is it just a park full of rabbits? I think a bag of snacks won’t be enough to feed all of those bunnies.

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