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Woman mocks ridiculous makeup ads with her own creative beauty solution — Photoshop! [4 pics]

Dec 10, 2013 By Rob Toledo

It’s amazing what people are able to accomplish with photo editing these days. You can take an everyday picture of someone and within 15 minutes, give them different colored eyes, perfect skin, and put them on the surface of the moon!

Artist and photographer Anna Hill mocks the overuse of such editing in makeup advertisements with some awesome parody ads for Photoshop’s line of various beauty enhancers…

photoshop beauty ads (1)

photoshop beauty ads (2)

photoshop beauty ads (3)

photoshop beauty ads (4)

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    1. Hurf says:

      Thanks for being a good sport about someone posting your content (as long as they didn’t claim it as their own!). I enjoyed your site!

  1. Tristan says:

    This is awesome. I did the graphic design for the college I went to. I loved using photoshop for a job.

    People don’t realize just how edited the photos they see are. It’s very disturbing actually.

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