Woman's Chilling Dog-Walking Story Explains Why Sometimes It's OK to Be Rude | 22 Words

Woman’s Chilling Dog-Walking Story Explains Why Sometimes It’s OK to Be Rude

By Abi Travis

If you're a woman, you've most likely experienced it. Someone (usually a man) sees you walking down the street or sitting on the bus and tells you to smile. He wants you to smile for him. Otherwise, you're being rude and not conforming to his idea of what how you should arrange your face muscles. It's 100 percent bananas, but it happens literally every day to women all over the world. If you've ever seen a woman looking a bit standoffish and been tempted to try to get her to smile, first of all, don't. Secondly, it may help you to read the following Twitter thread that explains why some women may sometimes come off as "rude" when they're in public. It's creepy and also super enlightening.


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