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Women hiding in front of men disguised as their beards and pants [3 pictures]

Jan 10, 2013 By Abraham

In this series of hair product ads we see a few versions of a creative optical illusion…

(via Laughing Squid)


    1. Koko says:

      Being German, I just had to look up “sham” in the dictionary – are you serious? What is “sham” about a marriage of two people loving each other? Using this word suggests that you would have liked living in Germany 70 years ago. I am quite glad I didn’t.

      1. Merra says:

        Nono, “beard” is the name for a gay man marrying a straight (or gay) woman in order to appear straight, not gay marriage.

        1. Antonio says:

          I think the term “Beard” arose from the human urge to name everything and the patch of facial hair that men grow

      2. joe says:

        you need to improve your English. I haven’t heard of the term before but I didn’t imbecilically misunderstand it as you did.

      3. Dick Fitzwell says:

        If you don’t understand the slang- you really shouldn’t use it. That just sounded dumb. You really didn’t look it up. It’s a sham to pretend you are straight when you are a fruitcake. In other words- stop talking, you’re just showing your ignorance.

  1. Cathy says:

    Hey if I did this it could be “Woman hiding in front of man disguised as his beard” (no need to be their trousers too with those photo crops) :)

    1. ic_stud says:

      I doubt it was “spontaneous,” but rather took hours of inspiration, planning, and execution.

  2. TlalocW says:

    This will help the ladies get into the men-only stonings in ancient Rome. This afternoon it’s some guy who said, “Jehovah.”

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