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World’s “Best” Father Documents What an Amazing Parent He Is [30 Pictures]

Sep 21, 2012 By Abraham

Via: Pleated Jeans, Sad and Useless


      1. God says:

        You obviously don’t get it. You aren’t ready for the internet. Stay inside where it is safe and you can’t be hurt by anything that is clearly meant as a joke. It’s okay the world won’t miss you too much, but we’ll get by.

        1. Jesus Mk2 says:

          Shut up Dad. I am cool, I am so cool. I said eat my flesh and drink my blood, that’s so cool. No wonder there are so many Christians.

      2. DarlaHood says:

        As a daughter, and knowing my two sarcastic daughters and their relationship with their Dad – all I could think was what awesome memories this dad is making with his daughter. She’s going to look back on these and know her dad spent so much time with her having fun. And she’s going to love having these unique and hilarious photos. I would have loved it. My daughters would have loved it. What a creative and fun dad, who obviously has a happy and entertained little girl.

        1. M! says:

          You’re exactly right, Darla. This is *obviously* a caring father who is simply keen on satire. He probably spends a LOT more time with his daughter than most parents these days, who turn to prescription drugs and television to keep their children subdued while they fritter away the years of potential precious memories.

        2. Worried follower of God says:

          No, this really upsets me! How can you call this man a loving father? Not only does he put his daughter in danger, he also motivates other people to do so with their children. What sick times do we live in. We were all created equal, but some people obviously lost their way.

          1. Eli says:

            You do realize that these are photoshopped, right? God I hope so, for your own intelligence sake.

          2. Bon says:

            If it bothers you so much, go read your bible, preferably the story about Abraham. Then get back to me on how much of a loving father he was.

          3. I don't want to live on this planet anymore says:

            I kinda hope you are Poe-ing us, but I kinda think you’re serious. Maybe it’s best if you spend a little less time believing everything is real and realize you’re online and even those things which are purported to be real are to be taken with a grain of salt. But when something so obviously satirized and comical (and photoshopped) appears, please don’t get offended because you’re the only one who believes what you’re seeing is real.

          4. Worried for Humanity says:

            Oh goodness. Yet another way our humanity is in the toilet bowl. Do you not realize a) this is all photoshopped and b) It’s supposed to be a joke. Just because you’re a follower of God doesn’t mean you can’t live a little and laugh every once in a while.

          5. Lucifer says:

            Shut it, you bible banger. Ever hear of a little something called photoshop? It’s kind of like that imaginary man that you pray to every night before bed, but much more fun.

          6. Yerkiddinme says:

            Worried follower of god – you are a world class moron (as if your username didn’t clearly confirm that!) You should be worried, you are very very stupid. Typical god-squad member. No brains, but all over the judgements. You are disgusting and Jesus would have hated you.

          7. Darius Edwards says:

            I knew I wouldn’t have to look far for a comment like this. There are far too many stupid people around for no one to have made this assumption.

          8. James says:

            Hahahaha! I knew someone would say something like this! I just didn’t expect it would be the first post I scrolled to!

          9. Tink says:

            I’m pretty sure you’re a troll, but in case you’re serious; these photos are pretty clearly photoshopped. Or do you really think a fully grown man can stand on a toddler’s head without crushing the poor thing?

            And actually, since the guy’s gone to the effort of satirising these risks with photoshop (without having killed his daughter), I’d say he’s done a good job of keeping her safe and was probably more safety-conscious than many parents around the world.

          10. Janette says:

            @Worried follower of God: Repeat after me. P. h. o. t. o. s. h. o. p. And you should be worried if you’re following God. There are so many fact based obsessions you could let devour you out there in the world of reality.

          11. DJB says:

            Dude, photoshop!
            U really think he’d post photos of him doin that to his kid for real?

          12. Really Guys? says:

            Don’t feed the troll. I can hear the devious snickers of self satisfaction through the computer.

          13. ed says:

            lol….. wtf are you even talking about? The pictures aren’t real they’re photoshopped.. AKA manipulated to look like the baby is holding dangerous things which she is not.. All of those knives, blades, fire, lighters, even the liquids are not really there, they were put there by photoshop.. any sane, normal person looking at them can see that.

            The photos are meant to be sarcastic, get it? “World’s Best Father” when the photos are actually the opposite?…………

        3. Jenn says:

          This is why smart girls have often have much fonder memories of their fathers than little hollow-skulls… especially when they have moms with fake tits and pervy step-dads

      3. Helladave says:

        Jordan, you are a retard! I’ll bet that you are “offended” by so much harmless stuff in the world. Get a life! And same thing goes for anyone who is offended or takes these photos too seriously. Narrow-minded, worthless, human beings if you ask me.

  1. Chelsi says:

    These are cute.

    I kept thinking, though, that if these were made-up depictions of animal neglect/endangerment, they would be received very differently by the general population. Not sure why that is, but I’m quite sure it’s true.

        1. Smartass says:

          Darius -Yeah it’s so true.
          I didnt have daughters, but i spent a lot of time standing on my son’s heads changing light bulbs.

      1. deseed says:

        Only a small percentage of people are or can be considered irresponsible pet owners. There is a far greater percentage of parents that are irresponsible, thoughtless and neglectful to their children.

        Pets aren’t people. People that tend to add human qualities to animals are completely bonkers.

        A human being should be more important to other human beings than an animal ever should.

        I’m not saying don’t take care of your animals or all animals in general. I am saying don’t think pet owners are the equivalent of parents because they are not. Pet owners take care of their animals for the most part. They are willing to do anything and everything for that animal. They are even willing to go so far to as to forsake another human for an animal.

        Dogs and cats and many other domestic animals out number human beings ten to one and most people that own them value the life of their pet over people and that is just wrong and inhumane.

        MY point here is that pet owners care more for their pets than most parents do for their children.

        1. Bosch says:

          “Pets aren’t people. People that tend to add human qualities to animals are completely bonkers.”

          Mind you, humans are animals.

        2. Bosch says:


          “Dogs and cats and many other domestic animals out number human beings ten to one and most people that own them value the life of their pet over people and that is just wrong and inhumane.”

          Please, define you definition of “inhumane.”
          Perhaps they value their pets’ lives over other people’s because it was they that were inhumane.

          1. Bon says:

            I agree with you Bosch, it’s ridiculous to judge someone for loving a pet! Each to their own. Personally I think it’s inhumane not to love something that is a constant companion in your life….pet or human.

            I also have to point out that humans are selfish, jealous and to some extent have to look out just for themselves. I think the point of loving an animal is because they DON’T have those particular human qualities but do have unconditional love and can always be there for you.

            NB: I don’t have any pets but know many people who are helped by them

          1. Karey says:

            Wait, wtf? This is just comedy with special effects. He is making fun of bad parents, but Im totally sure she didnt have alot of those tools in her hands. Come on…did we all get stupid here?

        3. brian says:

          I used to believe the same thing about people and their pets…..until I became a parent. The kind of love a parent has for their child may not always be apparent to some people(especially people who are not parents) as there are differences in the way a being that possesses cognitive understanding between it’s offspring and itself will act accordingly. Animals and their offspring can be just as questionable and misunderstood. You most likely are not a parent yourself. These photos are ridiculously funny, especially to any normal good parent. It’s funny because it’s so wrong.

          1. samiam says:

            Brian, I agree. To add my own two cents, one should also consider that each parent-child relationship is going to be handled differently based on the unique attributes of the individuals involved. For instance; you have two sons. The older one is a bookworm honor student who goes to sleep at 9pm every night, and shows no interest in going to parties or doing drugs. Makes you think “Oh! This parenting stuff is easy!” Then the younger son hits the same age, and he’s a little wild-man! Parties, girls, and the questionable baggie with the residue you found in his pocket. Same parents, but two different sets of rules and boundries. To define one of the key elements of good parenting, is in my humble opinion, consistency with a twist of flexibility where needed. But yeah, these photos are great, because it demonstrates a twisted sense of humor that people just need to LOL at because of the obvious wrongness. :-)

        4. Arwin says:

          We are all animals dude. Don’t flatter yourself just because you have half a brain cel more ha, ha!

    1. Action Jackson says:

      as for chelsi’s comment, maybe it has something to do with the fact that animals can’t fight back or take care of themselves, or talk, and are pretty much entirely dependent on their owners to, well…live. They can’t feed themselves. Whereas a kid (infants excluded) can say when they’re hungry, need to use the bathroom, when something hurts, etc.

      1. correct me if i'm wrong says:

        You’re pretty wrong there Action Jackson. Pets, and actually most animals have the ability to take care of themselves from a very early age, since they are born “world” ready, so to speak. I mean, have you ever heard of someone leaving a baby, or a child, by themselves all day long? But how many people have cats and or dogs, and leave them at home while they work, or go out, or even stay someplace overnight? Many mammals can even walk seconds after their birth, where as humans, also mammals but gifted with the ability to reason, are born in a continued developing state. They are COMPLETLEY helpless and would die without the proper, basic, care of another human being. That’s right, animals can’t take care of humans either. It kinda makes you think, huh? The truth is that animals can’t speak for themselves, and that’s what gives humans more value due to the fact that we have the ability to persuade other humans to treat their pets with respect. In the wild, no such respect exists… As for chelsi’s comment, you’re totally right. Humans defend animals waaay more than they defend other human beings. And that’s just sad. But I still think these pics are hilarious! One other things humans have the ability to develope is a sense of humor ;)

        1. Arwin says:

          Yeah, we are rather pathetic creatures. The worst of it all is that many of us (especially the religious one) actually think that we are better then the other animals or even better then some of our own kind. Pathetic, really.

  2. Brianna says:

    I am totally loving the expressions…the poses….the 3D effect…the grain that make these look like paintings!!! LOVE IT!!

  3. Elizabeth Stewart says:

    Fantastic! Of course they’re not real – it’s the spirit of fun behind the creation of them that is attractive!

      1. sarcaustic says:

        It’s really hard for me to see kids put in dangerous situations, and yes, I know these pictures aren’t real. Have worked with many abused children, guess those are just the glasses I’m looking through here. Honestly wanted to know if anyone else had the same feelings.

        1. OhFFS says:

          Yes, he already told you: You are not the only person on the internet without a sense of humor. I’m also pretty sure that you don’t, in fact, feel “horrified” and that what you are feeling has more to do with a need to be a little bit of an attention whore than your life experiences.

          “Hey guys, guys, does anyone else share my contrary point of view? Guys?”
          “No, lighten up.”
          “Well maybe it’s just because the world has turned me into a dark and somber person but seriously, does anyone ELSE feel this way? Someone validate meeeeee!”

          1. toadman says:

            Absurdity confuses people. Like a friend said to me:

            “We invent zombies to imagine a world less frightening.” – Robert Salsbury

        2. Michael says:

          I think most of us (me included) find it funny because it’s so far over the top — the situations are so extreme as to pass beyond credulity — that it becomes funny by way of absurdity. If it were easier to believe the situations could be real, it wouldn’t be half so funny. If you deal with kids who have been through these situations, or you find it easy to picture the reality, then you probably wouldn’t find it funny. Me, I’m quite happy in my rose-colored, Norman Rockwell view of the world, where parents take good care of their children.

          1. serendipity says:

            Agree, though sure gut reaction might be different if you work with abused kids. If you haven’t,it’s just funny! However, it’s interesting that there’s more sarcasm towards someone who’s talking about children than the responses of chelsi’s comparison of animal neglect/endangerment.

        3. Student says:

          He doesn’t put his daughter in harms way. He takes multiple pictures and over laps them to create a final image. For example he will take a picture of the fire in the pan, then another picture of his daughter next to the stove top WITHOUT the stove on, then another picture of himself with the lighter.
          If you do the research and just Google his name you can find his official site where he explains his method.

          1. TerryTracker says:

            Hey someone should invent some software that could do all that. So you could do it all on computers. Cool.

  4. Julie says:

    I can choose which one is my favorite! I’ve been through the list several times! OMG! They are all so FUNNY!

    He actually reminds me a bit of my brother, who became ‘Papa’ to his two granddaughters! Especially when his hair is a mess!!

    Thanks for the morning funny!

    1. Sh says:

      But the images are so good that the post editing doesn’t matter.

      btw, show me something better that you’ve done..

      1. Casey says:

        “show me something better that you’ve done” is not a valid critisizm of his statement. (not that I agree with him — i just think your responce was dumb)

        1. iwilliam says:

          Yeah, and why’s that?

          And if in your reply you use the words “ad hominem,” so help me I’ll… well, I’ll mostly laugh at you.

          It’s perfectly valid because behind the anonymity of the internet, lots of people turn into Internet Warriors and Keyboard Heroes… who like to spew their viewpoint and criticisms (as though anyone really cares) often with a tone of derision and smug superiority.

          Many of the people making such comments would never do so in a face to face encounter.

          And even if they would… who the hell are they to judge? I mean that quite sincerely and literally. Sure, I’m appealing to authority, but let’s face it– appealing to authority is often a perfectly valid thing to do. Would a court of law allow any untrained person to take the stand and comment on a defendant’s psychological state? No– they would require an EXPERT for that. Now, if you, as an observer, had the opinion that the defendant is batshit crazy, your opinion is still “valid” even if you’re not an expert. However, that does not mean anyone should actually LISTEN to it, or take it seriously. You need to actually know what you’re talking about, to get that kind of respect.

          As such, I found the response to be perfectly valid.

    2. Stephanie says:

      I think it adds to the over-the-top, unrealistic affect of hte photos, which as a subliminal message tells people that “These are not real events”. I personally love these as a tongue-in-cheek satirical view of the modern parent, especially as it seems that DAD is the primary caregiver in these photos, which breaks from tradition.

      1. Drama Queen says:

        Yeah, I agree, more men should carry diaper bags and shirts with flowers on it. Get real! Real men don’t care about their offspring unless its a son maybe. But then it’s just to preserve the bloodline/name. Men just want to have a good time. Have a drink, have a laugh and f@&*ck around a little.

  5. Greg says:

    How can this guy treat his daughter in such a manner? You people make me sick thinking these are good and funny. These disgust me. I will never be accessing your page again for showing such horrid disgusting posts. Also why would I even like you on facebook for that matter.

    1. Bob McObvious says:

      For your sake I truly hope you are joking. If not you need to open your door and take a look around the world outside.

  6. Felicia says:

    That’s her FATHER?!?!?! That mug should say World’s Greatest Grandpa.

    Hella old. He’s not gonna make it to her graduation!

    1. iwilliam says:

      I’m sorry, sweetie… but not everyone gets knocked up when they’re a teenager, or even in their early twenties. Some of us…oh, I don’t know… wait until we’re financially, psychologically, and emotionally ready to have children.

      Further, you were aware that some guys start going grey in their early 30′s, or even in their TWENTIES right? I’ve heard of dudes who started greying or balding as TEENAGERS.

      But hey, what do I know? Keep pushing and shoving, and maybe one day, just one day, you’ll force other people to your world view, or even be able to squeeze your own little world, into the little molded paradigms you’ve got there. I’m sure it could happen. Or not. Yeah, probably not, actually.

  7. Jamal Williams says:

    Creative, funny, and just the right amount of ‘over the top’ fun. Hmmm. Why has one of those, “Hey, I should’ve done that!” realizations just hit me?

  8. MOnk says:

    The only bad thing about these images is the horrendous HDR processing. It just doesn’t work on people. Terrible. Otherwise, funny.

  9. Your Mom says:

    How did he get his toddler to do all these chores? I have a 2 yr old who I would like to have cut the grass and make me turkey, does anyone have any tips for training them to do this like this guy did? Are there instructions to go with these pictures?

  10. Alex Orellana says:

    I don’t know if you’re overusing Shadow / Highlight adjustments or overusing Fill Light / Recovery, or if you’ve found another way to eradicate natural shadows from your work, but can I get some tonal variation up in here?

    Fun idea, but photos like these are why people associate Photoshop with amateur image manipulation.

    1. Lt. Scruffyhug says:

      I don’t know if you’re over-thinking/over-analyzing or judgemental/pointyheaded, or if you’ve found another way to miss the point from this guy’s creativity and originality, but can I get some just go with it up in here?

      You’re a tool, but comments like these are why people associate a comment section with morons.

  11. Charmaine says:

    …just because females produce eggs doesn’t make them chickens & just because they produce milk doesn’t make them cows…we produce babies and we are moms…2 legs, 4 legs, swimmers or flyers…we have a common bond…we reproduce our own…this is really cute…(:<)…

  12. Ilana says:

    I like the detail. Like in the one with the stacking on the cone thing his shirt says “NASA Rocket Scientist.” I find small details like that funny.

  13. jeremy says:

    To all of those who are offended by this, you are the reason the world sucks today. Political correctness and an inherent wussification has crippled your ability to be human. Please put your head underwater and breath deep.

  14. Bob says:

    I just think this is stupid. It isn’t satire, and it just isn’t funny. I get the joke..ha ha…but everyone fawning over this is just ridiculous.

  15. Jenny says:

    O my god, this is so lovely and the baby is too cute! She really makes these images shine! She’s the star of the world.

  16. Tonya says:

    These made me smile. The little girl has a huge personality already! She’s adorable. And it is obvious that these photos aren’t real. The baby was never really inches away from fire or really holding sharp objects or hot irons. Don’t turn something fun and lighthearted into a huge drama queen debate about animal cruelty and child abuse. There are more serious websites for that.

  17. Athena says:

    They’re meant to be FUNNY.

    BREATHE. Calm down.

    They’re adorable. He’s clearly spending a lot of time with his daughter while taking these. Obviously, they’re Photoshopped. Anyone who says otherwise is a troll or an idiot. She will have hilarious pictures of her and her dad when she grows up.

    There’s absolutely no need to bring down mood by getting all serious about animal and child abuse. IT’S A JOKE.

  18. Nelly says:

    He IS a better father than most people because he spends time with his daughter instead of shoving her in daycare and ignoring her until she becomes so tortuously bored that she either becomes a bullying brat or an idiot.

    At least this kid has her father’s attention.

  19. Lisa says:

    This is some great photo editing! The irony is unbeatable as well.

    (You nay-Sayers need to LIGHTEN UP; it’s obvious that this child is not in any kind of danger – ah, the beauty of the Internet, photo editing software, and ignoramuses like you people…THAT is the underlying humor here.)

  20. Khondoker says:

    ” DarlaHood says:

    As a daughter, and knowing my two sarcastic daughters and their relationship with their Dad – all I could think was what awesome memories this dad is making with his daughter. She’s going to look back on these and know her dad spent so much time with her having fun. And she’s going to love having these unique and hilarious photos. I would have loved it. My daughters would have loved it. What a creative and fun dad, who obviously has a happy and entertained little girl.”

    Exactly! You got it right!

  21. Just Saying... says:

    I know a lot of people have been offended by this set of photos, but that proves the point was failed to be seen. This photographer stated that (his daughter) “Alice is never in any danger when he makes the photos — their parts are shot separately and edited together, so she’s not actually crouching on a lit barbecue grill or sitting in a pot on the stove!” He further states; “The character I portray in this series is intended to be a parody of the father I hope I never become–distracted, self-absorbed, neglectful, clueless, or even occasionally overbearing.”

    His daughter is soon to be two years old now and his wife is an on a-year-duty Lieutenant Colonel in the US Army, and he spends most of his time caring for his child while also taking the time to make these photos. Alice Bee has started being aware of what is going on whenever posing in front of a camera, and she finds it amusing.

    By seeing the wrongness of this photo-set, you acknowledge what is right and what is wrong in parenthood, but all happens in a humorous feel. You should not get offended, in fact, you should applaud this father for making the best of his early years with his daughter. How many of you have accumulated these many sweet, playful memories with their children? How many of you have seen their children grow up so fast, too fast they did not have the time to bond with them.

    As a daughter, I’ve never had the chance to bond with my own father. We are still in touch, in fact, I still live with him, but we are as close as I am from the moon. There are very few childhood memories featuring him that I still remember, and that saddens me. As a family, of same flesh and blood, you are expected to be as close as you can, to know as much as you can about each other. My own father fails to even guess my favorite dish. That isn’t because he is a bad father or anything, but because we’ve never had any bonding time together. We’ve never really experience anything together. We’ve never even tried to. This photographer spends his whole time experiencing things with his child and making memories. Maybe the concept is “evil” to many of you, but none of you knows how he is with his daughter when the camera is off. You cannot judge him. She will have some many beautiful things to look back to when she grows up and get a life of her own. You shouldn’t deprive her of that.


  22. Warren says:

    I loved these pictures and the loving/psychotic Norman Rockwell quality of the scenes,

    I am worried about the people who saw babies doused with lighter fluid or playing on a BBQ grill who thought the right reaction to this knowledge was to write a strongly worded message in the comments section and advise dads not to try this at home,

    and I would love to be in the room to watch when this baby, grown to a teenager or adult, first shares the family album with a friend or lover.

  23. Jesus says:

    Shut up Dad. I am cool, I am so cool. I said eat my flesh and drink my blood, that’s so cool. No wonder there are so many Christians.

  24. Victoria says:

    Is there some reason that every thread on 22Words turns into a theological debate? I am a Christian, it is true. However, I am curious as to what this series of pics. have to do with being a Christian/not.

    Btw, photo shop is nice, but it’s not God.

    I honestly don’t care if you have an opinion that differs from mine. The beauty of it all is that we are all capable of posting our own thoughts and feelings, yet no one actually has to read them.

    Ya’ Dig?

  25. Pichu says:

    I thought the material that she was “ironing” had natural brown patterns on it, until I saw the shirt he was wearing! Super funny and creative though.

  26. Kim says:


  27. Bruce says:

    My 31 yr. old son loves the picture of him sitting inside of the wood stove when he was 2 or 3 years old! He tells his friends he doesn’t know where his sister Gretal is???? ( for those of U having seizures, the stove was brand New, and NO, it wasn’t lit??? I’d post the picture, but some people would consider it “evidence” because there was no photoshop back then. LOL!

  28. Christianwithabrainandcommomsense says:

    The fact that her father wanted to be silly with her
    and document the whole thing to look back on
    one day is kind of awesome. People saying it’s
    offensive and that he’s “putting his child in danger”…
    Are you shitting me? You really think a sane
    person would let their baby have access to matches,
    knives, and alcohol, and post it online? It’s obviously
    photoshopped. I think people complaining about it
    being offensive respond just to argue. Have an open
    mind and get out of your self righteous little shell.

  29. Lee says:

    Hey Lucifer, no one is judging you for your believes so I think it’s unfair for you to be judging other on theirs. If it makes others feel better to pray at night to something or someone YOU! don’t believe in then let them. I’m sure it’s not hurting you in anyway….

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