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World’s biggest bonfire fueled by a 130-foot-tall stack of pallets [10 pictures]

Jan 11, 2013 By Abraham

Every year in June, a brave group of daredevils in the city of Alesund, Norway stack up hundreds of wood pallets to a height of over 130 feet, which they then light on fire in celebration Midsummer and John the Baptist’s birthday…

(via Trasyy)


    1. Jebus_curst says:

      temple in 2011 was 120 feet. not as tall but much better looking. so no sucking it for burning man.

  1. stephen c. says:

    the bonfire/ tower is great and all… but how tall is that dude on the ground handing up the pallet?? holy cow!

      1. Pspaughtamus says:

        I just measured a few pallets I have accessible, they’re 4.5 to 6 inches high, depending on manufacturer. With Cynthia’s comment, and my measurements, I’d guess he’s about 6 feet tall. Martin’s explanation is valid, the lens and angle of viewing make his legs look oddly elongated.

    1. Humans... -.- says:

      So, you’d rather have the pallets burned the same way, except in a factory, where a couple hundred thousand more are being burned?

      Your comment is an absolute waste for 22 words.

      1. DC says:

        Pallets are traditionally reused unless they are not structurally sound anymore. It appears that these pallets were structurally sound, given the ability for the structure to remain upright. Therefore, perfectly good pallets were wasted for this.

  2. Kim says:

    Is it just me or are they standing too close to a stack of burning pallets that could fall the wrong way at any given second?

    1. cousinarlo says:

      Travis! Someone, but most importantly NOT YOU, paid for this! If you were to list the things you like to do I dare say we could find people to suggest that you could have done something “better”.

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