A 1-year-old baby has been rescued after floating almost a mile out to sea.

The incident occurred just off the coast of Tunisia while the little girl's parents were "momentarily distracted." Strong gusts of wind carried the child almost a mile away from everyone before she was rescued by the coastguard. The local media reported that it took place around 5 PM on Saturday just off a beach in Kelibia, on the country's northeast coast.

Video footage of the incident was posted to Facebook by a user, who wrote: "Bravo and watch your children while swimming."

The moment of the rescue was captured after Civil Protection officers were called to save the child who was left clinging to the float she was on. The clip is taken from a jet ski and clearly shows the little girl sitting in a pink inflatable ring while being pulled towards the vehicle by a lifeguard. The camera then pans out the sea showing the distance the child had traveled in such a short space of time.

Thankfully she was unharmed but other social media users were not left impressed by the parents who allowed this to happen.

"Distracted? From your own daughter. Ridiculous," wrote one person.

Another chimed in with: "Can't ever be distracted with a young child. Could have ended so badly! Glad she's OK!"

A third added a very sarcastic remark: "And parents of the year award goes too..."

"They are extremely lucky that this didn't end differently, they never should of had the baby in the ocean if they were not going to watch properly," said another.

According to the Daily Mail, government sources told radio station Shems FM that the girl had likely been blown out to sea by strong winds while her parents are thought to have been "momentarily distracted" at the time.

Authorities in the area have also given a stern warning to parents to make sure they watch their children while out swimming in the sea. Thankfully this incident ended in the best way, even though it shouldn't have happened in the first place. We're glad the 1-year-old is safe and sound.