Not all couple tattoos are created equal. The world is full of people who might regret their large, intricate, or Disney themed couple tattoos. But sometimes a great tattoo can speak volumes. Here's a roundup of some of our favorite couple tattoos from Instagram.

OK, so this might not be everyone's cup of tea.

But the you're the peanut butter to my jelly sentiment is adorable. And somehow, so is this deconstructed sandwich.

Many couple tattoos feature objects that fit together.

A lock and key, a bow and arrow, puzzle pieces - the message is that only together does the couple make a whole. Awww.

These pinky promise tattoos are the sweetest.

An enduring relationship takes some promising. Whether or not marriage is for you, everyone can understand the value of a pinky swear.

King & Queen

Subtle and adorable.

The sun, the moon, all the stars - this one is for romantics.

These tattoos cover a lot of common couple tattoo categories: celestial objects, complimentary objects, romantic symbols. These are sweet and understated and manage to stand alone as well as together.

Well, it was a Wednesday.

Whether these two are die hard De La Soul fans, Addams Family fans, or the simply met on a Wednesday is unclear. But we like the tattoos anyway. They're meaningful to the couple, work both together and alone, and make the rest of us wonder.

Sometimes simple is best.

We're loving these simple circle tattoos. Does the circle represent the unending, infinite nature of their love? Or did getting a tattoo hurt more than expected and they wimped out of a larger design? Only they know, and that's OK.

Ring tattoos are a classic design for couples.

We like these because they are simple and different. Instead of a full ring, just the three little dots. Do the three dots represent those three little words?

The bracelet tattoo is along the same lines as rings.

This simple band around each wrist lets the world know that these two belong to one another. And if they ever broke up? That's OK. This totally works as a stand alone tattoo.

We love this out of the box, modern design.

Couple tattoos are often either exactly matching, two parts of one thing, or complimenting symbols like King/Queen. But these are beautiful, simple, stand alone designs that go together, without being dependent on one another.

Can't stand the cuteness.

Why are owls and trees important to this couple? Don't care. This is adorable, and each on its own is a cool tattoo.

Awww. Anniversary.

The placement of these shows that it's really just something for them to share.

Yin and yang.

Opposites attract. Or puzzle pieces. Either way, love the triangles.

Not all pairs are romantic.

We love this sweet sister tattoo set.

If you're really into sci-fi, and you find someone else who is really into sci-fi, it's love.

We love these slightly geeky alien tattoos.

Needs no explanation.

Simple and to the point. Also, small enough to minimize the painful getting-the-tattoo experience!

It's lovebirds, get it?

We love this pair or adorable birds!

We've seen many variations of this sweet heartbeat tattoo.

It's clean and neat and the message is unmistakable. Thumbs up for this one.

We're loving these mountain tattoos.

Are they avid hikers? Skiers? Did they meet in some mountain village?

Another sea-themed set.

Love the simple line drawings of these. So beautiful!

This one is undeniably bold!

It's big, and it's gorgeous.

The silliness of this one is awesome.

Why a sloth and a flamingo? Maybe only the couple knows. But we love these tattoos!

Get it?

It's a pinky promise. How sweet!

We don't know what this says, but the effect is lovely.

Hopefully it's something about love, eternity, commitment.

Get it? Together they make music.

This is a great one for any musician couples!

Another take on the classic ring tattoo.

We love the minimalism here. And, added bonus, you can never lose your ring!

Another example of sweet and simple design.

There are so many great options for minimalists!

Maybe they can't show this one off to everyone they meet.

Some couple tattoos definitely max out on the sexy factor!

OK, so this technically isn't a couples tattoo.

But it's better than a half of a heart BFF necklace. I hope these four stay friends forever, because it will be hard to find someone else to complete the set.

Forever dance partners.

So, what do you think? Yay or nay on couple tattoos?