10 of the Worst Things Real-Life Doctors Have Told Their Patients | 22 Words

Doctor visits are uncomfortable. That's par for the course when you have to visit a professional whose job it is to get up close and personal with your body so they can find out the grossest, most uncomfortable things about you. Normally, doctors are very good about keeping personal boundaries and ensuring that their patients don't get weirded out. There are, however, those doctors whose bedside manner leaves a lot to be desired.

Like – a lot...

Here are ten of the worst ones.

1. Testicular Trauma

from AskReddit
Ah, the irony of a male doctor telling another man to "clean himself up" after examining his testicles.

There's all kinds of undertones here, ones that wouldn't be out of place in an eighties movie with a rapey, evil doctor as the villain.

2. Kiss it and make it better

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Pro-tip, if you're not someone's mom or dad, don't ever ask that person if they want you to "kiss it and make it better."

Especially if you're a nurse. Especially if you're handling said person's genitals.

3. Beautiful flower

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File these under the words you never want to hear from your gynecologist. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever.

It's already awkward enough that you're up in stirrups while some weird stranger is handling your hoo-ha. Add gross commentary – even if it's well meaning – and it's enough to put you off pap smears forever.

4. Affect disconnect

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This is hideous on so many different levels. This person just confessed that they wanted to end their life and their doctor told them they shouldn't have come in?

Where else are they supposed to go? What else are they supposed to do? And, for the record, not all depressed people seem depressed. Most seem perfectly normal, even when they're at their lowest.

5. Evil dentists are doctors too

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This might be one of the most horrifying stories we've ever read. Who is this dentist? How do they not understand that turning screws in a person's jaw can be monumentally painful?

Honest opinion, if you don't have empathy, don't become a doctor. Simple as that.

6. Sailors need STD testing too

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Slut shaming is not okay. We repeat, slut shaming is NOT okay, especially when this person is doing their due diligence by getting tested.

Also, isn't this the ideal situation? People who get tested and know their status are being responsible adults. This should be the case for everyone.

7. Literally the worst thing a person can say to a new mom

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Excuse us while we take a moment to process this because this is literally one of the most awful things we've ever seen in writing.

And the doctor said it in front of this woman's mom? We literally can't.

8. Assh*le pyschologist

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Because who says that to someone's wife. No, seriously, who? Even if this woman's husband does in fact act like her little brother, you never tell a patient such a horrible thing in such a horrible way.

And don't even get us started on the r-word, which, by the way, is never EVER acceptable. This psychologist needs to take a flying leap off somewhere.

9. Dirty girl?

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Jesus, Lord, Abraham and all the prophets – somebody please take the wheel. First of all, any doctor worth their salt knows that sex is not the only way you get UTIs.

You can get them from literally anything, if you're susceptible. Some women even get them taking baths. That's right – BATHS. This doctor is just ignorant, and needs to get their license reexamined.

10. The literal worst thing you can say to someone after a miscarriage

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We feel faint. No, honestly, we can't even sit up after reading this.

Who is this person? How can they be so callous? "Hey, at least you get to get laid again?" Can't. Just CAN'T.