10 Subtle and Misunderstood Signs That You Might Be a Genius | 22 Words

We'd all like to think that we're geniuses, but that's just not always the case. However, if you find yourself with unique or "odd" habits that many people don't exhibit, it's possible those are signs of increased intelligence and problem-solving skills.

Sometimes weird behavior or traits are just...weird. But other times, they're indicative of a something far more interesting.

1. Talking to Yourself

Experts suggest that this isn't ALWAYS a hallmark of insanity. Sometimes, highly functional and intelligent people do it to create order in their thoughts.

2. Having Few Friends

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More often than not, highly-achieving or intelligent people keep small social circles to focus on their goals and their own needs.

Not Making Progress

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There are many explanations, but oftentimes this can come about because your brain is TOO busy. Find a way to sort through your mental activity and you may find that you're operating on a higher level than others.

4. You Take Your Time

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"Slow" is often equated with "lazy," but the truth is that singular focus and a methodical approach are tools of very intelligent people who succeed.

5. Messiness

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You've probably heard this one. Genius often manifests itself out of chaos, so a messy environment might not be a sign of laziness, but rather the desire for a nurturing atmosphere.

6. Doodling

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If you're randomly drawing from time to time, its might be your body and brain's way of staying busy, searching for new approaches and new concepts.

7. Nonchalance/Indifference

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Smart people often find success because they know where to point their energy and effort. You know that saying about the courage to change the things you can and the wisdom to know what you can't? That exemplifies this philosophy perfectly. You're not "meh," you're picky about how you spend your energy.

8. You Delegate

Smart people know when to hand off a task so they can tackle something harder or more important. If you find yourself passing off responsibilities for strategic reasons, you may be exhibiting this trait without even realizing it.

9. Efficiency

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It's not lazy if it works! Finding workarounds or shortcuts is more a sign of strategic thinking than it is laziness.

10. NAPS!

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Your brain needs to be rested, and if you're running overdrive with your thought process, then a lack of sleep can slow you down. You won't always get your sleep at night, so naps can be a quick way for powerful minds to recharge and refresh.