10 Things You’ll Only Understand If Your Sister Is Also Your Best Friend

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As someone who’s had a little sister for over two decades so far, I can definitively say that it is a great thing. More than great, in fact. It is excellent. (Shout out to brothers! I have one of those, too, and I will write an article about how much fun that is at another juncture.)

A sister is a unique person in your life — in so many ways she is more than your best friend. She’s your sister! Get it? It’s another level of friendship and trust and allegiance entirely.

So this is for all the siblings out there who relate to having and being a sister. I’m sure yours are great. Mine is the best, though. But yours are cool, too.

These are the greatest things about being best buds with your sister.

This week, my little sister FaceTimed me because she went to go pick up a salad for dinner and they said it would take 15 minutes. First of all, 15 minutes for a salad?!?! Second of all, I’m so glad she called so we could lament the long salad-making time together and generally catch up while she waited. Having a sister is like having an entertainment system that’s related to you and listens to all your crap. It’s fantastic.

“I’m thinking of getting bangs.” “What if I start wearing graphic t-shirts?” “Can you see me in a pilates class?” All questions that sisters will answer honestly and without judging you so hard for your questionable choices. There’s really no way to explain how valuable this is.

3. Having someone to tell you the truth, always, no matter how much it hurts

In the same vein, your sister who is also your best friend can be brutally honest with you (and vice versa), and it won’t hurt your feelings because you know it’s coming from a place of love. When you trust that your sister has your best interests at heart, it feels good to hear the truth, even if it’s not necessarily what you want to hear in the moment.

When you’re a blubbering, crying mess, sometimes you feel self-conscious about going to your friends or your parents. That’s what a sister’s for, baby! You don’t have to feel embarrassed about screaming and sad-drooling at the same time in front of your sister because she knows you. She’s seen it all.

As the daughter of a Jewish mother, I spend a lot of time complaining to my mom, but there are some things I can’t bring to her (like complaints about her — of which there are none, obviously, gosh!!). But whether it’s an annoying relative or an old classmate that recently got married and had a bonkers wedding, my sister is there to understand.

Whether you’re quoting movies or TV shows that no one else watches or references (“You’re right. You’re right. I know you’re right.”) or just blabbing on about nothing in particular, chances are your sister is the only one who will understand everything you’re saying. Thanks, Steph! (That’s my sister. She’s the best.)

If my sister isn’t on board, then I’m not on board when it comes to dating. You’re not the exact same person, but you know each other so well and can usually tell when a romantic sitch is A-OK or should be tossed in the Dumpster. My sister is one of the only people I super trust to be totally honest about this stuff.

Earlier this year I decided I was going to send a snap to my sister whenever I worked out to keep me accountable. And she’s always there with a Bitmoji of encouragement or a brief “You go, girl!” video back. Sometimes, you just need someone to be there for you, whether it’s big or small stuff, and that’s when sisters really come in handy.

Because your sister is always honest with you, because she knows you so well she can understand your crazy references, and because you can trust her to be there whenever you need her, you can be yourself around your sister. Believe me, my sister knows me. The real me. We all put up a wall at work or in friendships, and some of those walls are necessary for like, public decency and stuff, but around your sister, you can let loose and be the real you. And there’s nothing as comforting as that.

Because you know each other so well, you generally know exactly what to say to make your sister feel better at any given moment, exactly what she needs to hear to laugh and put aside her problems, even if just for a moment. Having a sister is a total joy. It’s not like we’ve never fought (oh, believe me, we have). And even though we live on opposite sides of the country at the moment, we still Facetime when we’re waiting for salads (15 minutes — ridiculous) and sometimes we even do this thing where we call each other and press play on the same movie at the same time so we can watch it together. We’re cool like that.