GameStop eh? It's caused quite the stir this week.

And now, one ten-year-old has cashed in his shares in the company for the big bucks!

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Reddit is one of the weirdest places online.


People can go there to talk about literally anything.

Which means there are some pretty niche subreddits.


Including those on the stock market.

But this week, something strange has happened on Reddit.


The community has come together to take down greedy hedge fund managers. How, you may ask?

By buying all the stocks in Gamestop.


The internet is going wild for this crazy, David and Goliath story.

It's pretty confusing stuff.

Luckily, Twitter was there to help explain the idea to any finanacial noobs.

And people are loving it.

​Many exceptionally rich hedge fund managers are losing money in the scheme.

Which the Reddit community has been finding absolutely hilarious.

But things have gotten more serious.

And now the US government has had to step in.

Social Capital CEO Chamath Palihapitiya has called this story "a pushback against the establishment."


"Coming out of 2008, Wall Street took an enormous amount of risk, and they left retail as the bag holder."

"A lot of these kids were in grade school and high school when that happened."

"They lost their homes, their parents lost their jobs, and they've always wondered, 'Why did those folks get bailed out for taking enormous amounts of risk, and nobody showed up to help my family?'"

Nothing that has happened here is actually illegal.

Nonetheless, it's been noticed by the government who may be inclined to step in in the future ...​

There's many losers.

Nina Carr

But also many winners, and none are as excited as 10-year-old Jaydyn Carr who got gifted some GameSpot shares a while back.

His mother bought him ten shares in the company.

Nina Carr

As she wanted to teach him about investing... The price of the shares cost around $60.

And now Jaydyn has sold them for $3,000.

I'd say Jaydyn has learnt about the stock market now!