100-Year-Old Man Asks for 101,000 Likes After 101st Birthday Party Was Canceled

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We are currently living through the COVID-19 pandemic and this has lead to hundreds of thousands isolating themselves from their regular lives.

Elderly people are at the highest risk and they have been advised to not attend social gatherings or situations… including birthday parties.

One 100-year-old man was left very disappointed after his 101st birthday party was canceled, but he made up for it in the best way possible. Keep scrolling to find more…

Since December 2019, the coronavirus has spread across the world like wildfire and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

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According to statistics, 15,361 people have so far died from the virus and a further 351,426 people are currently infected.

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And this most certainly includes the elderly.

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And the majority of deaths so far have been people over the age of sixty.

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And even though this is in their best interest, self-isolation isn’t all fun and games.

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And this is not ideal for those who struggle to care for themselves and do their day-to-day tasks.

It is difficult for a person’s mental health.

And it is truly beginning to take its toll.

People have found they have been left with nothing to do, and one of these people is Owen.

And he is an incredible 100-years-old.

Owen hasn’t been letting the pandemic stop him from making the most out of his life and he had planned a birthday party for his upcoming 101st birthday.

This left Owen feeling very downhearted, but thanks to UN worker Mohamad Safa, his story was seen by millions around the world. Mohamad shared a picture of Owen holding up a sign that reads, “Hello, I am Owen. I am turning 101 on March 31st. My birthday party was canceled because of social distancing. Help me celebrate by getting 101K likes/comments!”

It received 136.5K likes and 19.2K retweets.

And Owen has already surpassed his goal of 101,000 likes.

Birthday FUN at 101. Dear Owen, you’ve witnessed sweeping innovations since you were born. Rotary phone to iPhone…Studebaker to Tesla…Flight infancy to Supersonic…and despite all the changes…it’s love that remains the same…Birthday blessings,” one user wrote.

We want to wish Owen a very happy birthday!

And despite the current circumstances, we hope he has a wonderful day celebrating his 101st birthday.