1,000 Piece Pantone Color Palette Jigsaw Called ‘Most Beautiful in the World’ | 22 Words

One thing you can always depend on to bring you some ol' fashioned family fun is a good puzzle. Nothing compares to spending a few hours on a masterpiece that can make you feel like you accomplished something. And with this pandemic lasting much longer than we had originally anticipated, we have the perfect way for you to spend your time.

Recently, one particular puzzle has left people in awe and not just because of the dedication it requires. The guys over at Blue Kazoo, have created one of the most beautiful puzzle in the world for us to enjoy.

And the best news is that you can get your hands on one too for only $28, while stocks last!

This is the kind of fun that the internet really can't bring...

via: Blue Kazoo

From vibrant colors to the glossy finish, this 1,000 piece puzzle has been hailed the method to "reintroduce the finest tradition analog has to offer." And we totally agree!

Have you ever seen anything so beautiful?

This puzzle offers you the chance to put your phone down and actually focus on a more challenging way to be productive while we're all home.

Are you up for the challenge?

via: Blue Kazoo

Because you're going to need all the skills of an artist to be able to complete this one. You can buy your very own by clicking here. Good luck, folks!