$100,000 Has Been Raised for Ted From Scrubs After Cancer Diagnosis

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If you were born before the millennium, then you have almost certainly seen Scrubs. It was funny, surreal and filled with loveable, flawed characters. Now the stars of Scrubs are having to rally together again to help out one of their own after a diagnosis of cancer.

Sam Lloyd who played Ted Buckland, Sacred Heart’s lawyer in the hit show has sadly been diagnosed with lung cancer and a brain tumor just a month after he and his wife welcomed their first child.

A GoFundMe has been set up in order to help Sam pay for medical bills and childcare and it’s already surpassed its goal.

Who didn’t love Scrubs ?

Scrubs is a show that follows the lives of the staff at Sacred Heart Hospital. It has a wild humor, including daydreams and surreal imaginary sequences. This is then interspersed with acute insight into the lives of the authentic characters.

The show is centered around the lovable J.D.

Dr. John ‘J.D.’ Dorian is the narrator for the show and it is mostly through his eyes that we experience the show. Played by Zach Braff, it is his narration includes his internal thoughts and often involves a surreal dream sequence.

He couldn’t have done it without his best friend Turk.

Donald Faison plays J.D.’s best friend and partner in crime, Turk. The two of them had a firm bro-mance before the term was even invented. He manages to keep J.D. in check when it’s necessary, while also joining in with some of his mad plans.

The show wouldn’t have been the same without Carla.

The character of Carla shows the viewers how tough, and under-valued, being a nurse can be. She is tough, and witty, but always cares for everyone. Over the course of the show her character develops a serious relationship with Turk.

The show has interesting women in it rather than 2-D characters.

Elliot is a neurotic and under-confident physician who is constantly struggling to prove her worth. She’s pretty goofy too, which is why the audience loves her. Elliot, played by Sarah Chalke, has an on-off relationship with J.D. throughout the show, which is carried out in a way that’s far more realistic than most TV shows. She was also in How I met your mother and is now in Friends From College.

Elliot and J.D. often struggle under the cruel guidance of Cox.

Dr. Cox is another unusual character from the show. He seems cruel in his hilarious put-downs, but he claims he is just trying to toughen up his interns. However, it would definitely be hard to stay up-beat with him as your mentor.

Then there was Dr. Kelso.

Dr. Kelso was the boss and he definitely made sure everyone knew that. While he was also tough with the interns, he didn’t seem to really care about his patients. He is great as a viewer though. His cruel lines could have us in stitches.

And what great show doesn’t have a central janitor character?

Neil Flynn plays this unlikely character who is constantly pranking J.D. He is a bit of an enigma, but a welcome addition to the more serious hospital life. He has gone on to find fame with a leading role in the show The Middle, which shares the same producers as Scrubs.

And then there was Ted.

Sam Lloyd played the inept, Sacred Heart Hospital lawyer. He had never won a case and would get very sweaty whenever he had to answer any serious questions. He also suffers the wrath of Kelso, who regularly treats him as something of a punch-bag.

Ted had some wonderful moments on Scrubs.

Despite being very down-beat about himself, the character of Ted provided a lot of laughs for the audience. Beyond just his ineptitude, and nerves, it was Sam’s delivery that turned Ted into such a funny and loveable character.

Ted’s acapella band is real.

Within the show, Ted’s acapella band is his only release from an otherwise very depressed existence. However, Sam Lloyd is actually a member of this band in real life. They are called The Blanks. He is also the bassist for The Butties; a Beatles tribute band.

Sam has had a long, successful acting career.

Even if you haven’t seen Scrubs, you’re sure to have seen Sam in another TV show. He was in Desperate Housewives, West Wing, Seinfeld, and Modern Family. He’s also been on The Middle, with Scrubs co-star Neil Flynn.

You may also recognize Sam from these movies.

Does anyone remember Flubber? The movie stars Robin Williams as a crazy inventor, who accidentally invents flying rubber. And of course he was amongst the all-star cast of Galaxy Quest. This film starred Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver and Alan Rickman. But now Sam is facing a very different sort of challenge.

Cancer affects everyone, regardless of who you are or what you’ve done.

Cancer is indiscriminate in who it chooses as its next victim. It is a horrible illness that also affects the patients’ loved ones. It effects everyone and so far there’s still no real cure.

Sadly cancer is making the headlines again.

Sam Lloyd, who played Ted in Scrubs, has been diagnosed with a brain tumor, which had metastasized from cancer in his lungs. It is also in his liver, spine and jaw.

It is heart-wrenching timing to discover this.

Just weeks before the diagnosis, Sam’s wife Vanessa gave birth to their first child together. They’ve named him Weston. A theater accelerator program had also just accepted his project for a musical, which he had been working on for a decade. It was in the midst of their bliss as new parents that Sam started to feel ill.

It all happened very quickly.

Last year he kept travelling up to Vermont to help his sick mother move into assisted living. Mid-way through January, Sam started to get headaches. He had also lost 10lbs. He thought it was just from the stress and lack of sleep as a new father.

The next few stages were a bit of a blur.

By January 17th the headaches had started to get worse. He went to the doctors, who ordered a CT scan, thinking it was sinus-related. The doctors found a mass on his brain and he was rushed into surgery. Sadly the tumor is too intertwined and can’t be removed. It has metastasized from his lungs and spread to other places too.

A GoFundMe page has been set-up to try to help Sam.

Tim Hobert, co-producer for Spin City, Community, The Middle, and of course Scrubs, has set-up a GoFundMe page to support Sam and his family through this. Trying to afford medical care, childcare and other expenses at a time like this can be very stressful. This page is trying to let Sam enjoy time with his wife and son while he tries to recover instead.

That’s when the internet started doing its thing.

The GoFundMe page was set-up two days ago. The aim was to raise enough money that Sam can concentrate on getting better. In just two days, over 3,000 people have donated. This means that the target of $100,000 has already been met.

One of the first people to spread the word was a Scrubs producer.

Bill Lawrence was a writer for Spin City, Scrubs, and Cougar Town, all of which have starred Sam Lloyd. Now he is asking people to get involved and help out Sam.

And he’s not the only Scrubs colleague to put the word out.

Zach Braff took to social media to show his support for Sam. Everyone that speaks of him talks about how great he is. It seems like he is a very different character in real life to that of Ted, the lawyer.

Sarah Chalke is asking people to get involved too.

Sarah, who played Elliot, has nothing but kind words to say about Sam. Famous faces are in a fantastic position to use their influence for good. By using social media, people like Sarah are able to get the word out so that more people can help.

People have been very shocked by this terrible news.

Fans are struggling to come to terms with this news. It’s great to see how supportive people are being though.

Fans are showing how much Sam means to them.

What we watch on television stays with us long after a show finishes. For many people, they grew up with Scrubs and this news is devastating.

One fan even drew him a picture.

Sam is well known for his love of music, which went beyond his acapella group in Scrubs. This fan has drawn him an upbeat picture that is sure to put a smile on his face, even in this dark time.

Fans are really supporting him through this.

The power of social media is immense. People are able to see things they don’t like and try to make a change. We can see that Sam is truly loved, so hopefully this GoFundMe page can have a positive impact for him.

Some people are connecting the dots.

America is well known for its extortionate medical care and the problems that it can cause for anyone and everyone. It is sad to see how many issues arise when it only comes down to money. Money shouldn’t stand in the way of good health, yet sadly it does for many.

Everyone is standing by Sam.

At a time like this, it is important for Sam to be with his family. That is one of the main reasons for the GoFundMe page. It will allow him to enjoy this time with his new-born child. It is terrible timing, but hopefully this act from the general public will help him.

We are all hoping for the best for Sam.

Positive thoughts have been known to work miracles. And while it certainly seems like Sam hasn’t lost his good spirits, it will surely help him to see such an outpouring of love around the world. Best wishes Sam. We are all thinking of you.