107-Year-Old Woman Says Her Secret to Long Life Was Not Getting Married

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Hoorah! Being single could be the secret to living longer than those schmucks with someone special in their lives.

Who knows? Maybe it’s because, when you haven’t got anyone to take you to the doctors, you make extra sure that you don’t get sick. Maybe it’s because you’re less likely to catch germs when you haven’t got someone’s hand to hold or bed to share. Maybe it’s because the stress of being in a relationship causes extra pressure on the brain, because love is a cancer, or simply because we’re happier on our own.

Or… now I’m just throwing out ideas here… maybe it’s none of those things.

Maybe, really, it’s just that, when you get to 107-years-old, you realize that it’s probably better not to live with regrets, and so you consider the things that you didn’t do and you tell yourself that they’re the reasons that you’re still alive.

I’m not saying that’s what Louise Jean Signore was doing when she made the claim this week on her 107th birthday… but, knowing me, that’s what I’d do.

Let’s hear what else she had to say (there’s a lot more to it than just not marrying) and examine the lifestyle choices of the other oldest people in the world. Let’s see if there are any noticeable similarities and try to determine, once and for all, if the key to a long life is down to good genetics, smoke-free lungs, singlehood, or a positive mental attitude.

My money’s on loads of breakfast burritos and bike rides…

via : WCBS

Louise Jean Signore, who lives in the Bronx, New York, made the claim at her 107th birthday party at the Bartow Community Center in Coop City.

Another pearl of life-longevity wisdom from Signore was to eat lots of Italian food. She claimed that she was brought up on Italian food and that good food was key to living a long life.

Besides not getting married, Louise also claims that not eating cake or soda has kept her ticking along. Sadly for me, I love both cake and soda. I mean, I could maybe handle the whole single forever part, but no more coca-cola or red velvet? No more frosted icing, no more root beer? Where’s the humanity? You look at that iconic picture of a high Johnny Cash eating cake in a bush and tell me that it doesn’t signify the good life…

Maybe Louise is trying to keep us off the scent, maybe she’s keeping the secret to a long-life all to herself! Or maybe she doesn’t know why she’s still alive – how could she? And so, when the reporter from WCBS asked her, she just spouted a load of codswallop. I don’t blame her. Further support to my theory comes in the form of an interview that she gave on her 106th birthday, wherein she claimed: “We only had cake and soda on Sundays.” I could live with that.

Perhaps inner-strength is the key to a long life? When Louise was 103, she was assaulted outside her apartment block. She survived the ordeal and continues to live independently and go out all the time. A report about the incident claimed: “The assailant pushed her to the ground and stole $35, two meals, a magnifying glass and a pack of bingo cards. Signore got a nasty bump on her head but didn’t let the nightmare experience hold her back.” It’s a good job that Louise is so resilient.

Regarding exercise, Louise claims that getting into good fitness habits “starts when you’re young.” From being about 9-years-old, Louise swam every summer and, as an adult, she continued her interest in sports: “playing bocce every morning, and then swimming and biking all afternoon.” She was also a keen dancer back-in-the-day, something that she continues to dabble in now and again at the community center.

As much as Louise is a big advocate for an active life, she says that it’s important to ensure that we get rest, too. When she used to commute to work, she would take full advantage of the two-hour subway ride, napping along the way: “I used to sleep in the subway because it was safe to do it then, I got used to taking a nap.”

107-year-old Louise is suspicious of the pill-popping culture and doesn’t believe that it does anyone any good. Out of her four siblings, Louise and her little sister, who is 102, are the last two standing and both avoid pills at all cost. “People take too many prescriptions,” she says. “I only take blood pressure medication, because the doctor said it was very important. But that’s it.”

Louise clearly came from a family with good genes. Her mother lived until she was ninety-seven, and, as previously mentioned, her little sister is still going at 102. The rest of her siblings, three brothers, all died in their mid-nineties. Only her father, Mr. Signore, died a little younger, at seventy-nine (which, I mean, in my family, is pretty old…). According to Louise, her father had a taste for whiskey and didn’t follow her stance on prescription medication. She said, “I think that’s what killed him.”

Although Louise joked that one of the secrets to her long life was not getting married, don’t be mistaken into thinking that she never dipped her toes into the cruel seas of love and heartbreak…

Sadly, tragedy struck when Louise’s lover was killed overseas during World War II. He was the love of her life. And now? “I’m single,” she says, with a laugh. But that’s not to say that Louise’s life hasn’t been full of love. She’s always been very close to her family and has maintained a wide circle of friends.

Now I know that getting up early can seem like the worst thing in the world sometimes, but Louise considers it to be key to living a good life. Even now that she is retired, Ms. Signore gets up at 8 am, “just like I was going to work.”

via : CNN

Born in North Carolina in 1905, spending most of her life living in Harlem, New York, Murphy turned 114-years old on July 6th.

Although, Aleila has been single for a lot of her life, having been widowed in 1953. She has two children and is considered “the glue that holds this family together,” according to her granddaughter, Nefer Nekhet.

Murphy’s visiting nurse, Natalie Mhlambiso, told The Post: “She just told me she lives this long because she believes in God and she believes in taking good care of people.”

I went sober two months ago and have felt much better for it. 114-year-old Aleila has never drunk alcohol – apparently, she prefers “soda, ice cream, chocolate.” I guess maybe soda is alright, after all!

Aleila also credits alone time for her long life. Even now, at 114, Aleila makes sure that she gets her alone time. Her nurse, Mhlambiso, stated: “She will let you know when she wants to be left alone.”

The oldest person on record sadly died in the April of 2018. Her name was Nabi Tajima and she lived to be 117 years, 260 days old. Born in Japan in 1900, she currently holds the record for being the longest living human being.

Apparently, Nabi Tajima considered her longevity as being down to eating “delicious food” and sleeping well. Mother to nine children, seven sons, and two daughters, upon her death she had at least 160 descendants. I wonder how much alone time she got…

I guess, really, there’s no telling how long any of us are going to live and all we can do is try to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle. I think that a lot of it just comes down to getting plenty of sleep, eating well, and enjoying life. Of all of the people that I’ve looked into today, each and every one of them lived active lives well into their nineties and even into their hundreds… I don’t believe that avoiding matrimony is the key to living a long life, but maybe making time for yourself is important and does do you some good, so that’s something to think about. Inspired to start living an active life? Lazy? No worries! Here are twenty-seven inventions that make it easy to behave like a healthy human being!