11 Simple Optical Illusions That Will Blow Your Mind

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It might sound like a simple enough process, but there’s a lot that can get confused and messed up during the interpretation. These simple pics may not seem like they should give you trouble, but as you look at them, you’ll find that all is not as it seems at first glance. Take a look and see how many of these brain-bending images you can figure out.

Look at them in the back and it appears they’re side-by-side. Look at the front and they appear situated atop one another. Why is that?

So are these cups different sizes, or the same size, and just shown from different angles, messing with your perspective?

It would appear the horizontal lines aren’t parallel, but look again. They are.

Star at the red dot on her nose for thrity seconds. Then look away at a white surface and you’ll see a surprising image appear.

The Tower of Pisa on the right seems to be leaning far more than the one on the left. But look at the differences in specific points. They are identical.

Stare at the cross in the center. After a while, you’ll see a green spot appear, then you’ll see the purple spots disappear altogether.

Stare at the line of four dots in the middle. Then stare at the ceiling and blink. What appears before your eyes?

Stare at the white dot in the middle for thirty seconds. Then notice the colors in the circle begin to change or fade away completely.

Children see dolphins at play since they don’t recognize the adult theme here. Adults ignore the dolphins altogether and focus on the couple gettin’ busy.

This painting shows the same image under each arch, but depending on your focus and the clarity, you’ll either the ship’s sails or the arch of a bridge.

When these rows and columns get rearranged, an extra piece appears. How do you explain it?