13 Funny Shirts For Parents With Attitude | 22 Words

Being a parent is a spectacular thing, but it's also a hell of a lot of work. And anyone who's doing it right has earned the right to brag.

That's why we've got 11 creative ways for you to advertise how much you're killing it (and/or, just barely surviving) at the parenting game.

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When you've got this parenting thing on lock:

You're juggling bath time, breakfast, homework, runny noses, and whining mouths, and you're barely even sweating. That's mother hustling right there. Grab the tee and represent yourself here.

When vino is the solution to all of your problems:

But seriously, until we can hand our child a large chilled glass of Calm the Heck down (you know, like the French or something), it's going to have to be like this. Rep your motherly love (of wine) and check out this tee here. 

When you're doing your best, and that's okay:

We can't all be Andy frickin Griffith, ok? You're doing your best, and it's time the world recognizes just how mediocre that "best" is. Show the world your preeminent averageness, and find this tee here.

When the world's trying to distract you from killing it at parenting:

And even if you're not (killing it, that is), it's a great way to make it clear to the world: get out of my way. Tell the world to mind they own d@#m business and grab the tee here.

When you need about 4,000 hours of continuous sleep:

As they say: there's no tired quite like mother-tired. Okay, they don't say that, but anyone who's either mothered, or watched mothering up close, knows it's true. Tell the world and grab the tee here.

When you're in refueling mode:

Moms can accomplish anything. But coffee, first. Let your mug do the talking for you, and grab one here.

When you're just trying to get a moment of peace:

After all, Dads (think they) have all the answers, don't they? Pawn off your parental duties on your partner and grab the shirt here.

When you're wife's wearing the tee shirt above:

Dads, it's time to fight fire with fire. Pair this tee with "Ask Your Father" and you'll send the little ones on an unending, Kafka-esque, back-and-forth journey in search of answers they'll never get. It's like magic. And can be yours here.

When you're just killing it at the Mom game:

If you can change a diaper, apply a band-aid, kiss away tears and proof-read essays in your sleep, you're Mom AF. Tell the world and grab the tee here.

When the world needs to know just how AF you're dadding:

When you can mow the lawn, fix a broken bike chain, and cook a perfect burger with one hand behind your back, you've earned the right to brag. Tell the world how much you got this. Find the tee here.

When Papa needs his energy juice:

Hugs and kisses are all well and good, but they won't keep a dad's eyes open and his brain working. Y'know what will? Coffee. Lots and lots of coffee. So much coffee. Many mugs of coffee. Get your own dad-fuel receptacle here.

When the world needs to know that you're in the know:

They're awful, they're funny, they're impossibly shareable. They're bad parenting moments, and every parent's had them, and is in store for many, many more. Tell the world you get it, and grab the tee here.

When you need to share a universal truth:

It's all of our happy hours. Or happy 30 minutes. Or for some of us, happy 12 minutes. Find the t-shirt here.