12 Ridiculous Road Signs You'll Have To See To Believe! | 22 Words

Street signs are normally ridiculously simple and formulaic. Surprising drivers with a cryptic sign that needs to be decoded won't accomplish anything.

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But that hasn't stopped a few folks responsible for creating some truly bizarre, incomprehensible, and unintentionally funny signs. Check out the twelve best from around the world.

"UFOs Over Crosswalk. Please Use Caution?"

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Hope you have a well-built car.

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These contemplative signs are in the Himalayas, of course.

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Some of you might be new to this...

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What? WHAT? How do I prevent this from happening?

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Horny deer for the next 800 meters. Drive accordingly.

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That cow's really not putting up a fight, is it? "This is my fate."

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It's a joke, but this COULD be useful.

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Maybe get them counseling instead of letting them suffer?

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Wait, why is this a ROAD sign?

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This is an improvement, even if it's non-official graffiti.

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"Helmets strongly suggested."

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