A twelve-year-old boy has made aerospace history this week...

By becoming the youngest student to land a place at the prestigious Georgia Insititute of Technology.

Quite the achievement for a pre-teen, isn't it?

Now, as you may have guessed...

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Caleb Anderson isn't your average twelve-year-old.

The youngster, who comes from Marietta, Georgia, has always been gifted.

For instance - Caleb began mimicking his mother's speech when he was just 4 weeks old, by the age of 2 he could read the Constitution and, even more remarkably so, by the age of 3, he gained acceptance to the MENSA High IQ Society.

And, if all of that wasn't impressive enough...

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In addition to his native language of English, Caleb is fluent in Spanish, French, and Mandarin.

The gifted boy advanced through school at a much quicker pace than most other children...

And had completed high school by the age of eleven.

However, the other kids weren't too kind to Caleb about his success.

"The kids there, they kind of looked down on me, they treated me like I was an anomaly," Caleb told CBS This Morning.

But he has remained incredibly humble about his gift.

He insisted, "I'm not really smart, I just grasp information quickly."

His latest achievement, however, is something that should certainly be bragged about.

Because, as stated earlier...

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Caleb has become the youngest student to ever land a place on the aerospace engineering course at the Georgia Insititute of Technology.

Obviously, this is a huge achievement.

Caleb - who one day hopes to attain an internship with Tesla founder, Elon Musk - is set to transfer from his current college, Chattahoochee Technical College, to Georgia Tech this coming fall.

Understandably, his parents are overwhelmingly proud of their son.

His mom, Claire, has a master's degree herself, while his dad, Kobi, works as an IT manager.

But the couple has both stressed their desires to teach Caleb important lessons outside of the classroom...

Or outside of the aerospace engineering lab, that is. Claire explained: "We had to learn there are other things that we can teach him about compassion, kindness, and looking for the good in others."

She continued:

"We want to make sure that when he is an adult, he’ll make a great husband, a great father, a great friend."

Congratulations, Caleb!

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