What did you do during lockdown? If you're like me then you probably binge-watched Money Heist for the third time, learned a tiny bit of a new language, and said "I'm bored" fourteen times a day. Well, some people decided they were going to be productive with their time like this twelve-year-old girl who decided she was going to re-decorate her family home in a week!

The results are absolutely stunning.

Re-decorating your entire home takes some serious dedication.

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And the entire process can be stressful and draining for anyone.

But one twelve-year-old girl has put us all to shame.

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Bea Levache and her mother, Susan, have been renovating their family home in Kent.

While normal rennovations can take months, they managed to complete it in a week!

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And guess what? It cost them around $125 to complete it.

"How?" I hear you ask?

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The secret is to upcycle and re-use old products. A splash of paint here, a new cover there, and you can easily bring new life to what would have been a boring ol' cupboard.

And no one could get over how amazing the results were.

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Here are some of the "before" pictures...

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I can't even believe that its the same house.

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Wait until you see what this talented teen has done with the place.

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It's completely shocking...

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But were totally here for it!

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Here we have it, ladies and gentlemen:

Up first, we have the kitchen:

The bold prints are just to die for!

And it also includes a dining table at the far end for the family to enjoy some time together...

Next up, the living room:

Susan expressed that this was her "favorite room... no matter how gloomy or sunny it is."

The details are simply stunning:

Here we have the bathroom(s):

Again, the mother-daughter duo have gone for bold colors and prints that give the place a modern twist on a vintage combination.

Take a look at this bath! Gorgeous!

Artwork in the bathroom? It's a big yes from me.

They also have a glass shower with wooden paneling on the walls:

Now up the stairs we go...

This is one of the bedrooms:

The softer colors work really well in contrast to the ground floor.

We're absolutely loving the vibe in this room.

Susan's son's room has a totally different look about it:

The greens and oranges are bright and lively choices. Very brave indeed.

These two matching frames are my personal highlight of the room.

Say hello to the little office room!

The desk used to be an old brown thing but now, it's a beautifully re-vamped statement piece.

Now onto the main event... Everyone's favorite part of the house...

The yard area.

And if you thought it couldn't get any better, have a look at it when it gets dark...

From the wood-burning chiminea...

To the fairy lights...

We just want to be sat here with a cup of cocoa. Perfection!

And to finish up, here we have a close-up of some of the details you might have missed:

It takes a brave person to combine bold tones with softer ones, I'm very impressed.

And the plants! They bring such freshness to the home.

All for around $125? Wow.

If we head into another lockdown, I know what I'm going to be doing...

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