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Like so many things, tattooing is a male-dominated industry. *Cue eye roll*.

Hopefully, things are starting to change. Gone are the days when the only people sporting tattoos are retired sailors with anchors on their biceps and as tattoos become more mainstream, tattoo artists are changing too.

Many women are starting to become big names in the industry and as a result, they are changing tattoo styles and perceptions of what a tattoo artist looks like.

Here are some incredible women who are killing it in the tattoo industry with their beautiful designs.


Amanda Wachob of New York, New York

Wachob's dreamy, abstract tattoos are definitely not what you think of when you think traditional tattoo, which may be what has made her such a sought-after artist.

She's a tattoo artist and painter.

Her abstract watercolor tattoos look more like the kind of thing you would usually see in a museum, not on someone's skin.

Wachob's breath-taking work is definitely unique, which is probably why it's almost impossible to get an appointment with her.

Wachob has worked with the Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Museum of Contrary Art in Denver, The Museum of Arts and Designs in New York and many other museums and galleries.

Miryam Lumpini of Los Angeles, California

Lumpini tattoos with bold, dark colors for stunning tattoos that look deeply saturated. 

She grew up in Sweden and by age 20, she had already made it to the cover of Nordic Tattoo magazine.

Her deep, colorful tattoos are unforgettable.

She is also a painter and uses her tattoo business to fund her other art.

Much like her tattoos, her paintings have a mystical quality, as if you've stepped into a completely different world.

Samantha Read of Ottawa, Canada.

Read's intricate portraits often feature pets and woodland creatures dressed like people.

Her work features a beautiful mix of detailed flowers and creatures of all kinds.

Her designs are completely unique. Like this floral snail!

She does a lot of custom pet portraits.

Honestly, who wouldn't want a tattoo of their corgi wearing a newsboy hat? Or really, any corgi wearing a newsboy hat.

Emily Kaul of Portland, Oregon.

Kaul's signature look is intricate line designs with watercolor details.

Her tattoos focus on nature, often featuring flowers, leaves, animals, and celestial bodies.

Light pastel water color circles behind line drawings make her tattoos unique.

Not ready for a tattoo but love Kaul's dreamy designs?

She also sells watercolors, stickers, and temporary tattoos on Etsy.

Krystalism from Irving, Texas.

Krystalism's tattoos are full of nostalgia. She often tattoos old cartoon characters, pop culture references, even Bratz Dolls like in the photo above. 

Her bright colors stand out.

It seems like everyone is getting tiny, minimalist tattoos, but Krystalism's work is the complete anti-thesis of minimalism: big, bold, and full of color.

Her unique spin on classic tattoos make her work completely her own.

This is definitely not that stereotypical Taz tattoo everyone had in the 90s.

Livia Tsang of Toronto, Canada.

Can you even believe Tsang's hyper-realistic tattoos are real? Somehow she manages to create an optical illusion that her tattoos have actual depth and are popping off of peoples' skin.

Her works is incredibly complicated and detailed.

She often does celebrity portraiture like this Rihanna piece. She also once famously tattooed Michael Phelp's viral angry face on a fan.

Her color work is absolutely insane.

Her flowers look like you could reach out and touch each petal. Which may or may not be welcome by the person sporting the ink, but honestly, they'd probably understand.

HeeMee of South Korea

HeeMee's tattoos have be seen to be believed, and even then it's hard to wrap your mind around them. This neon tattoo looks like it is actually glowing.

Her signature work is gemstones that look like they are actually glimmering on skin.

Her adorable teeny tiny gemstones seem to pop and look like they have depth.

Why get a real diamond or emerald when you can have your birthstone tattooed on your skin?

Especially when the tattoos are this stunning.

Eva Krbdk of New York, New York.

Originally from Istanbul, Krbdk now works at Bang Bang tattoo in New York. 

She creates amazing, colorful miniatures.

Her signature design looks as though you are looking through a peephole to a magical world on the other side.

Eva is inspired by fairy tales, which is very evident in her dreamy work.

Her tiny scenes are incredibly detailed and adorable and make you wish you could step inside and just live in them.

Susanne Suflanda König of Manchester, UK.

König's work is weird and whimsical and beautiful and probably unlike anything you've seen before.

Her designs look like they came straight out a of a picture book you know you had as a kid, but can't quite remember.

Each of her tattoos seems almost as if you opened a story halfway through and you aren't quite sure how they came to be.

She works mostly in black and white, but her designs are still bursting with life.

With so many specific details and imagination, color might actually distract from her incredibly unique designs.

Georgia Grey of New York, New York.

Grey has an amazing ability to make tattoos look like actual brushwork.

Her designs combine watercolor and line work.

Her bold colors fade so perfectly it's hard to believe she's using a tattoo gun and not a paint brush.

She often tattoos animals, bodies in motion, and even pop culture icons.

She's tattooed designs like Ariel from the Little Mermaid, Batman, and even a tattoo inspired by the movie Scream.

Sasha Unisex of Rome, Italy.

Unisex's colorful geometric designs are super fun.

She is inspired by nature, and her designs often focus on animals and plants.

Her vibrant colors make her tattoos pop.

She also offers her designs as temporary tattoos.

You can snag one here. (Take a look at the Dog Collection for some good boys!)

Horu of Busan, South Korea.

Horu creates the teeniest tiniest minimalist tattoos that are absolutely adorable.

Minimalist tattoos are super popular in South Korea.

Horu's delicate tattoos are so beautiful and the perfect little statement.

Horu creates tiny flowers, animals, and objects.

Each tattoo has just a pop of color. So adorable and a great choice for someone who wants to be able to cover up their tats easily. Although, with tattoos this cute, why would you?

Anka Lavriv of Brooklyn, New York.

Lavriv creates black and white gothic images with her tattoos.

Her tattoos look both beautiful and little bit spooky, even when they feature cute animals like this cow.

She says she is inspired by witches and witchcraft.

Her tattoos are beautiful and inspiring.

She has even donated some of her proceeds to NYC animal rescues.

Are you ready to get a new tattoo yet?


With so many unique styles and talented artists to choose from, it's a great time to get a tattoo from one of these talented women... if you can manage to get a booking!