13 Little-Known Food Hacks That Are Guaranteed To Make Your Life Easier

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Food is a part of everyone’s life. Whether you love food, or simply eat it to keep surviving, there is a food hack out there for you. These tips run across dishes and offerings from all sorts of cuisines, so whether it’s Jell-O or tacos or burgers, we’ve got a tip for you!

(OK. We don’t actually have any Jell-O hacks for anyone in this list, but maybe…add Cool-Whip? Sorry. That’s the best we can do for Jell-O lovers.)

The bottom will get crispy while your toppings on top get nice and melty. A microwave doesn’t even come close.

If you put your favorite little fungi through an egg slicer, they’ll come out perfect as a pizza topping! For a pizza tip…see above. (Not all tips will tie into each other this well.)

That’s the kind of thing that is so ingenious you wonder if that was intended by can manufacturers. And makes you wonder why you didn’t think of it first. Never do that awkward “grab the straw with your tongue” thing again.

So just use an ice cream scoop to get out the delicious insides! Nothing says summertime like watermelon.  

Try cutting your watermelon in long, horizontal slices rather than the usual triangular pieces. You’ll get a lot less watermelon on yourself this way, and you’ll look like a regular Martha Stewart.

The peel will come right off, and more of the pith (that weird white stuff) will stick to the peel instead of the orange.

If you just pinch at the bottom, the whole peel comes right off. That’s actually how other animals eat bananas. But just because we have thumbs doesn’t mean we should work harder. (I really don’t think anyone’s going to adopt this, but don’t say we didn’t try!)

Since, allegedly (we cannot confirm nor deny this fact), burgers have more structural integrity upside down, as the top bun is often thicker and can retain more burger juice. I’ll have to test this one myself.

Sriracha bottles have a handy cap that allows for easy portioning, and plus whatever you put in the bottle is gonna taste like Sriracha, which is why most people do it.

Chinese takeout boxes unfold into plates! That right there is engineering at its finest.

If you’re at a restaurant and your ketchup bottle is running low, just tap on the 57 instead of smashing all your plates trying to get that last drop out!

No problem! Just grab some tongs and start squeezing. One would assume this also works for oranges, limes, and other similar citrus fruits.

Apparently holding the carton upside-down greatly reduces the aggressiveness of the pour and makes pouring juice much easier. Turns out everything we do with food is backward. Who knew?