14 Crazy Things You Never Knew About the ‘Cash Me Ousside’ Girl

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…the Cash Me Ousside girl. Making a name for herself during temper tantrums on Dr. Phil, she’s become Internet famous for her terrible behavior and…well, nothing else really. To her credit, she’s done a great job (especially for a thirteen-year-old) of cashing in on her fleeting fame. But do you know the details about her life and infamous rise to fame? Because if you want to know them or not, here they are.

Yup. A Sheriff’s deputy in Palm Beach, Florida. She’s still managed to run wild, but he insists he hasn’t given up on her. Due to a custody battle with Danielle’s mom, he rarely gets to see her these days.

At the age of six back in 2009, she was the model of good behavior and kindness as she stood by her mom’s side during her fight with breast cancer. It seems like a lot has changed since becoming a teen.

She has cashed in using parody shirts which alter the “Champion” logo to say “Cash Me Ousside.” The apparel company wasn’t on board and sent her a letter saying to stop infringing on their copyrighted logo.

Uh, fifty-one times. The calls range from domestic disturbance to stolen cars to responding to reports she ran away. Her poor parents…

They were fighting over custody, child support, and visitation. It’s a testament to these parents’ patience that they’d continue to fight over a child who causes so much trouble and heartbreak.

Yup, she’s such a terror that she even slammed Dr. Phil, the man responsible for her fame. On her second visit on the show, she snapped, “I made you just how Oprah made you! You were nothin’ before I came on this show.” Wow. That’s kinda clever but, still…terrible.

Yup. Really. She chose this career path because she actually does want to help people, but she certainly has some work to do before getting that far along.

Despite her recent fame, she was traveling on budget airline Spirit and caused a brawl between her, her mom, and some bystanders. Yikes. Mom and daughter are never allowed to fly Spirit again.

This shouldn’t come as a big surprise, considering how abrasive her personality is. But still, no matter how terrible she is, she shouldn’t have to deal with death threats from strangers.

Yup. They went to her house and she snagged the keys and went for a joyride. The show didn’t press charges and managed to get the car back in one piece.

I’m not sure you’d want Danielle to actually shop up to God’s house, but this sign has gone viral, which might lead to a few more people showing up on Sunday mornings.

5.3 million Instagram followers? Hard to convince people that bad behavior doesn’t pay off with results like this.

Dr. Phil sent her to a facility and it’s being said she made great strides. She even made a sweet connection with a horse on the property named “Chief.”

Even her mom is a diva now, demanding luxury hotel rooms for appearances on TV. She’s also been captured on camera berating service people and going on profane rants. Wow. Like mother, like daughter. Hopefully they’re able to both clean up their acts.