14 Parents Revealed Their Sneakiest Secrets When It Comes To Raising Kids | 22 Words

Parenting "hacks" aren't always just for the sake of the kids. Sometimes (often, actually) parents gotta look out for themselves.

Take a look at how the clever ones get by with these devious and awesome tricks.

Parents DO get mad at their kids.

And they're definitely not above childish revenge tactics!

If people can't see it, it's not happening.

Love the line about the zipper "doing what it damn well pleases."

Oh, man. That's sinister.

But it also makes me think the husband is SUPER gullible.

An oldie, but a goodie.

It's like a game of chicken to see who can endure the smell longer.


I don't even know why I included this. To shame this dad, I guess.

When your real goal is to create a mildew farm!

Still, she's admitting to it and owning it outright. Good for her.

There's nothing wrong with little boys playing with dolls.

Or grown dads playing with girly LEGOs, I guess.

Take THAT, my special gift and favorite person!

This is soooo relatable. I'm sure she's returned the favor.

Go for the kids...Stay for the single moms.

I've heard that babies work even better than puppies do on women.

Then there's this mom, crowdsourcing her parenting decisions, apparently.

Uh, that would be...real bad. It's a child, not a sweater.

Decisions, decisions...

When your free time is limited, you're stuck with the Sophie's choice of "Porn or PBS?"

Every good parent knows how to multitask.

Sometimes one of those tasks is just catching up on your favorite shows. Who can blame her?

Hiding snacks is a tactic most every parent will learn to use.

I'm sure the kids are hiding stuff, too, so don't sweat it.

To keep jealousy to a minimum, you also need to know how to lay low while scarfing snacks.

These are the real skills you develop as a parent. Make sure you share yours, too, for all the other parents out there.