14 People Who Refuse to Let the Tide Pod Meme Die

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Look, every generation of teenagers has fallen for dumb trends. In the ’80s, it was hairspray and acid-washed jeans. In the ’90s, it was Beanie Babies and scrunchies. In the ’00s it was those animal-shaped rubber band bracelets.

And now? It’s Tide Pods.


Yes, I’m talking about the laundry detergent in the convenient dissolvable pillows. Most of us see them and think, “Oh good! Soap!” but the youths are talking about how they look delicious. If you don’t understand it, you’re not alone and there’s nothing to worry about. It is un-understandable. It’s just a dumb meme that’s taking over the Internet, basically.

Hilarious, right? It’s a donut, but it’s decorated like a Tide Pod. It’s not a Tide Pod. It’s a donut.

Here are some more Tide Pod donuts. Get it? The orange icing is meant to look like the orange part of a Tide Pod, and the blue icing is meant to look like the blue part of the Tide Pod. Again, this is very hilarious stuff.

At least this one is square like an actual Tide Pod. I can appreciate the effort that went into this one a bit more.

But is this a cupcake based on Tide Pods or a cupcake based on the donuts that look like Tide Pods? The world may never know. I just got word that the Tide Pod meme is still alive and well, so I’m going to keep going. This next one is for adults only…

I find this one particularly puzzling because if you are old enough to drink alcohol, you should not have fallen prey to the Tide Pods meme, right? But here we are.

Or should I saw POD Dulces? No, I shouldn’t.

They call them PIEd Pods. Now, I can appreciate a good pun (remember when I made that hilarious “pod dulces” joke?), but I draw the line at a pun that requires you to dye cheese blue.

See this, teens? A company with a CEO and a website and paid employees is cashing in on your dank meme. Guess it’s officially time to retire it, right?

These actually look tasty enough that I was ready to give up my war on the Tide Pod meme. But then I found an entirely new category of Tide Pod memes…

Let me just remind you that Tide Pods are themselves inedible. Making them into food was one (terrible) thing, but now people are making things you can’t eat based on things you can’t eat. It’s a joke on a joke on a joke and I hate the whole dang thing. This glasswork is impressive, though.

Once something has been immortalized in slime form, there’s no further plane to which it can ascend. Slime is it. Further proof that Tide Pods can go back to just being convenient ways to do our laundry.

It’s not enough to trick people into eating Tide Pods, apparently. Now, they’re coming for our fish, too.

I like Tide Pods so much that I keep them in my hall closet and use two of them for each load of laundry that I do. We have different interests, this person and I.

This is it. We’ve strayed too far from the light. Let’s put an end to this. Please.