14 Pics That Prove People Can Totally Be Cruel and Funny at the Same Time | 22 Words

Normally, humor that comes at someone else's expense is funny only to immature people. But if the prank's innocent enough, you're able to get away with walking that very fine line.

If you're a little unclear, that's no problem. These pics land just on the "funny" side of the line that keeps jokes from going too far.

How bad do you want that delicious bottle of Irish whisky?

Well, even if you have no interest in it, you might as well get to work, because you'll need to go to bed at some point.

I don't think she was planning on becoming a walking Arthur meme.

But that's too good to pass up. I mean, would she really feel that much better if she had a finger-painted sunset on it?

"Oh it's my lucky day!"

"*sigh* No it's not. Back to the crippling realities and harshness of the workday." I wonder if the person who set this prank up got to witness the disappointment.

Gift-wrapped workspace.

It's got everything a real, working desk has. Except the ability to, you know, do work. I'd still feel bad taking it down, though. The art's kinda cute.

"What did I do last night?"

I mean, even if they're not upset, chances are they'd toss and turn in the night, spreading burger ingredients everywhere.

This is what we call a paradox.

I'm sure the first person who encountered this had to squint and think for a second. It's like seeing a person with the tan lines all reversed. You've gotta walk yourself through the logic of it.

What an obedient worker!

How much trouble would this person get in at your office? Would they get fired? I guess it all just depends on how the HR person is feeling that day.

This isn't the worst treat in the world.

But if someone's expecting a more sugary treat, this will no doubt give them a surprise. But I'd keep eating. I'd actually prefer grapes.

This move is priceless.

It's less about making the other person feel bad and more about making yourself seem like a hard worker. Ok. It's about making the other person feel bad.

This one's actually more mean than funny.

But it's hard not to enjoy the first-person shot that makes us all feel like we're silly-stringing someone for no good reason.

The worst way to start your day.

I've actually had coffee with pepper in it, and it's not bad. But it's the sort of thing you definitely want to prepare yourself for. Not a fun surprise.

That would cause me to jump to the ceiling.

Maybe even through the ceiling. Just look at those dead eyes and that freakish mouth!

This one might be the best.

Don't be mad, Kevin. Life's far lonelier WITHOUT buddies who pull stunts like this. Punch them in the arm, then tell them you love them.

Somehow, when you're a kid, stuff like this isn't as bad.

If an adult did this in an office, I'd go ape. But school's pretty much just structured playtime anyway. You learn that when you get older. And you miss it.