14 Stories About the Strictest (Real) Parents That Ever Lived

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Growing up, kids need rules. No one will argue with that. But what those rules should cover is a pretty subjective call.

Parents lie all over the spectrum from “insanely chill” to “insanely strict.” There’s no one answer for the question of “How do I raise a kid?” but you’ll be happy that you didn’t have the uber-strict parents that were described in a Reddit thread sure to make you count your blessings.

Did you wave to kids riding their bikes like some sort of shipwrecked castaway?

Sounds like she values her shampoo a little too much. Loosen up a bit. And let her use conditioner!

Ironically, this is what the entire rock n’ roll lifestyle is based on. Dad just played himself.

Yikes. That’s the entirety of your summer for being ten minutes late. That’s not a deterrent; That’s just cruel.

Grounded for a week and forced to come home for two t-shirts on a chair. Lighten up, Mom! Don’t you want your kids to like you later on?

You have your own weird values? Fine. You don’t believe in ordinary functions of the human body? DON’T BE A PARENT. OR A HUSBAND.

Making your kids ask for supper sounds like something that happens in Oliver Twist. Let your kids eat when they’re hungry. You’re trying to make them functioning adults, after all!

“Organize your closet by color, children.” WHY?

This seems borderline criminal. That dad has issues.

And that sister is a damn snitch. She’ll get hers one day.

“No volunteering or helping the elderly.” Oh…kay?

Disturbing and terrible. “Strict” doesn’t do this sickness justice.

But they’re both great ways to distort a kid’s sense of family or childhood.

These parents no doubt have their issues, but if they think Pokémon teaches evolution, they should see what the rest of the world has to say!