14 Times the Tiniest Amount of Power Went To People’s Heads

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Most people don’t have a lot of power in their day-to-day jobs, and that’s ok. Most people don’t need it. But some people take the smallest excuse to boss people around and use it to boost themselves up.

You probably already know what we’re talking about, but in case you don’t…take a look.

You can break the rules if there are no consequences. Like skipping the “line” at an empty airport.

How fragile is your ego that you need it boosted by beating toddlers in games?

I’m sure that security guard really cared about this dude’s social media following.

I guess that protecting this pizza gave him a sense of purpose. Kinda sad, isn’t it?

Then uses that power to punish people who threaten him. It’s the whole “hall monitor” scenario.

This teacher really earned her money that day. What a terrible story.

“Oh, you can RECOMMEND I get fired? Terrifying!”

“Children” can’t be trusted to add up $.25 and $.50 increments. I would say her grievance is more with the public school system.

Having to shave in between double shifts? With no shaving cream? Wonderful.

I’m guessing this person was able to dig up some tears on the second day.

I worry for the students of this school. This sounds like a very bad scenario for all involved.

It’s a miracle they survived the flight! (Not really.)

That’s just sad. This guy didn’t even have a tiny amount of power to abuse, so he made it up.

I wouldn’t want to work for him, but you have to admire the ruthless sensibility he’s developed at such a young age!