15 Best Pieces of Gym Equipment to Work Out at Home | 22 Words

With millions of people currently quarantined to their homes, and all the gyms closed, those who want to maintain their fitness levels are having to get rather inventive with their home workouts.

Doing squats with the heaviest items from the cupboards, lifting (or attempting to lift) the couch... The closure of the gyms means that things have been getting pretty desperate in the households of fitness fanatics far and wide.

But, if you're one of the many people currently struggling for home workout inspiration, you can see below fifteen of the best pieces of gym equipment from Isolation Fitness.

You can thank us later...

The Extraterrestrial Hologram Basketball.

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I know, I know. This sounds very made up, doesn't it? But I can assure you, it is real, and it will make for an excellent addition to your homemade gym. Basketball has always made for a great workout, with just an hour of the game building endurance, improving balance and coordination, building up muscle, and burning away calories and body fat. Designed with a high-performance iridescent composite cover giving it excellent surface grip and maximum softness, this ball is the future of basketball.

Abs, triceps, and biceps muscle trainers.

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We all want perfectly toned and chiseled muscles... But these things just don't happen while we're sat on the couch watching Netflix, do they? Well, these muscle trainers could help you achieve this dream - The electrode technology used stimulates and enhances the same muscles groups as if you were doing press-ups and stomach crunches... Without doing the press-ups and stomach crunches. Technically, it's cheating... But sometimes we need a little helping hand, don't we?

The Exercise Waist Trainer Belt.

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For those of you need more than just the muscle trainers. This training belt will compress your midsection and increase perspiration and sweat, therefore targeting and burning more fat around the waist.

The Core Strength Sit Up Bar.

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Hands up - Who hates sit-ups? Universally, sit-ups are perhaps the most dreaded part of anyone's workout... But this sit-up bar can make them easier and much more bearable, as well as strengthening, tightening, and toning your core.

The Smart Digital BMI Scale.

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As anyone who has dieted or worked out will know, having an accurate BMI reader is the key to reaching any fitness or weight-loss goal. And this technological set of scales does more than just that by measuring total body fat rate, skeletal muscle rate, body mass index, muscle mass, moisture, protein, calorie, bone mass, and body type... All while being able to connect to a smartphone and track and record progress.

Muscle Squat Resistance Bands.

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These resistance bands are secured at the soles of the feet and wrapped around the waist and the knees, offering an intense and effective workout to the legs, core and buttocks areas. Squats, lunges, and lifts can be pulled off amazingly with these lightweight bands and can work out your legs and core without the worry of putting them in harm's way.

Multi Muscle Resistance Band.

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This is similar to the muscle squat resistance bands, but instead, targets every single muscle group in the body. With this band, you can work on your shoulders, arms, legs, and core, and can complete planks, push-ups, and presses at ease.

45lbs Water-Inflated Dumbbell Weights.

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A workout isn't a workout without a good set of dumbbells, is it? These Blue King Triton dumbbells offer numerous benefits for cardiorespiratory fitness, flexibility, and weight control, and make for the perfect portable gym addition - Their mass is inflated by water, so you can easily inflate and deflate the durable tyre-like weights to the level that you're comfortable with.

Blue Water 18lbs Weight Kettlebell.

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Like the dumbbells listed above, the kettlebell's weight is determined by how much water you put in, meaning you can alter the weight to something you're comfortable with. And, once you've set your ideal weight, this all-in-one total body conditioning weight can be used to enhance strength, endurance, flexibility, and balance training.

Pull Up Bar Slings.

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These are the ultimate devices to turn any household object into a fantastic workout. Cans of food, bottles of water, bottles of wine - If it fits into the slings, it can be justified as a workout. And the thick padding and anti-damage protection will ensure for a good workout with no chance of serious injury.

Super Grip Yoga Mat.

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Most of us need a yoga mat... But everyone needs a holographic yoga mat. To balance your HIIT, cardio, and muscle-building training, yoga, meditation, and pilates all need to be incorporated into your all-encompassing workout.

Metallic 55cm Yoga Gym Ball.

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To match your swanky new yoga mat, we present the swanky yoga ball. The trusty gym ball has long been one of the most multi-purpose and accessible pieces of training equipment and can be used to perform a wide variety of cardio, resistance, and pilate exercises which will considerably improve your core muscle strength, posture, and flexibility.

The Ultimate Speed Boxing Ball.

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Long gone are the days where you need a partner to throw a few boxing swings - With this boxing ball that straps securely around your head, you can now individually box and throw punches to your heart's content. Boxing burns fat, increases muscle tone, enhances muscular endurance, improves core stability, raises co-ordination strength and power whilst eradicating mental stress - It's a win-win.

Heavy Duty Skipping Rope.

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Everyone loves to skip and, with this heavy-duty rope, you can both get some quality skipping time in while getting an intense workout done in the process. With a diameter of 26mm and length of 2.8m, you will get an intense cardio workout as well as trimming fat and torching calories.

Triple Wheel Superbike Ab Roller.

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It does exactly what it says on the tin - It rolls those abs into perfection. It looks a bit scary, admittedly, so here's how it goes... Kneel on the blue knee pad and grasp the hands of the superbike ab wheeler. Flex your glutes and abs, keeping your back straight, lean forward and roll the wheels forward until your arms are overhead and your torso is almost parallel to the floor. And repeat.