15 Disney Product Fails That Are Way More ‘Creepy’ Than ‘Cute’

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I’m sure Disney is very careful about who they license their characters to, but mistakes happen, and often these products are the result of knock-off artists who are just looking to make a quick buck. The good news is: just because they’re terrible doesn’t mean they’re not funny. As an adult, I am enjoying these weird and possibly twisted toys way more than I would a well-made original.

I mean that literally. One look at her and you just know she’s the type of person that spits when she speaks.

If that’s not him, I’d be even more embarrassed, because that means someone thinks that looks like Belle.

…but at least put the same likeness on the box.

It looks like that kid just interrupted Donald’s sit-up regimen. (And that’s the very G-rated, Disney-friendly interpretation.)

…pulled a little too tight during a procedure.

…they look EXACTLY like this.

Just some dive sticks for the pool. Why? What did you think they were?

It’s the concept. It’s a popsicle maker with a juice straw? I just have no idea how that works.

Pooh’s head got slapped on upside down.

I mean, can they REALLY not put it off to the side or something?

Buzz is upset about something. Maybe it’s the location of his straw. MOVE THEM TO THE  SIDE, PEOPLE!

Olaf’s looking really good next to you!

Even if it looks a LOT like something more grown up.

Oh, that’s right. Just below the snowman’s belt.

But they could be moles. Whatever they are, Disney’s not gonna be happy.