15 Genius Inventions That Solve Problems You Didn’t Even Realize You Had

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Back in the days before the wheel had been invented, it probably wasn’t too difficult to create something that impressed people. All you had to was pick up a twig and BAM! You invented a toothpick!

These days, new products are designed every single day (some of them being total fails, of course). Most of the objects you interact with on a daily basis may have been novel at one point in time, but are now completely ordinary. The inventors of 2018 have to work extra hard to impress the people around them. Here are 15 inventions and ideas that are so incredible, they’ll make you wonder why they don’t exist everywhere:

It can also be used as a phone screen wiper. Or, if you’re particularly flexible and have a lot of time on your hands, a cloth to clean your car windows.

When you’re sick, your brain probably isn’t functioning at full capacity. Take the guesswork out of your dose times with this brilliant gadget!

Apparently, some Australian roads are so long and boring that there are signs with trivia questions on them to keep your brain engaged. You know, if you’re not too busy worrying about all the animals that can kill you there.

It prints short stories for you to read while you wait for your flight! If that’s not the most delightful thing that’s ever been in an airport, I just don’t know what is.

Hey, stairs are tricky! As a general rule, any time you can make your dog’s life easier, you should do exactly that. Goodness knows they’ve done enough for you, right? And speaking of making life easier…  

Why? To eliminate that awkward gap between the door and the wall! Looking for another brilliant bathroom invention? Look no further!

If you can’t find a heated mirror, you can also apparently use shaving cream to defog your mirror. Bet you didn’t know you’d get amazing lifehacks from this list! But ya did!

Sure, there are already things called spoon rests, but if you use one, you have to clean your spoon and the spoon rest! This requires fewer dishes. And any invention that requires fewer dishes is an invention I can support with my whole heart.

I can’t imagine anyone ever using the “I need help” baskets, but I’m glad they exist nonetheless. Now if only they’d make those self-checkout machines easier to use.

OK, so this isn’t exactly a life-changing invention, but you have to admit it is very cool. But there might be a life-changing invention inside the hotel room…

And if you look closely at the tag, you’ll see that the hotel also lends out HDMI cables in case you forgot to pack your own. This is truly going above and beyond.

And if you’re having a hard time coming up with the perfect gift, might I recommend a subscription to the newspaper? I know. Yet another great idea, right?

How many times have you brushed your teeth without even considering what was actually in your toothpaste? Wonder no more!

Am I a terrible person if I love the sad cactus just a little bit more than the happy cactus? It’s just so cute!

They even provide the buckets! Not only is your coffee free; you also get the sense of satisfaction of doing the right thing. This is genius all around.