15 Hilariously Awful Dummies Used by Busted Carpool Lane Cheaters as Fake Passengers | 22 Words

It's incredibly frustrating to be stuck in traffic, unable to move into the HOV lane full of cars zipping by because you don't have a passenger with you. It's even more frustrating to watch a car fly by with no passengers.

For these 15 drivers, no passenger was no problem...for awhile. Using mannequins, stuffed coats, and dolls, each of them tried to get around the law, only to eventually be caught by alert police officers who noticed something was very strange about these carpool riders...

The Bearded Hipster

Carpool Dummies 06

The Bearded Elderly Man

Carpool Dummies 05

The Children's Doll

Carpool Dummies 03

The Blow-up Doll

Carpool Dummies 11

The Napping Mannequin

Carpool Dummies 13

The Chic Mannequin

Carpool Dummies 14

The Frumpy Mannequin

Carpool Dummies 15

The Skeleton

Carpool Dummies 07

The Suspiciously Terrible Wig

Carpool Dummies 08

The Facemask

Carpool Dummies 09

The 90's Hair

Carpool Dummies 10

The Stuffed Coat

Carpool Dummies 12

The Clothed Seat

Carpool Dummies 16

The Hoodie

Carpool Dummies 02

The Wrecked Dummy

Carpool Dummies 01

Via: Seattle 911

A mannequin sits in the passenger seat of a wrecked Toyota Sienna minivan at the Skyway Towing yard in Renton, Wash., on Tuesday, March 12, 2002 after a driver using the dummy to qualify for use of the car-pool lane caused a wreck involving two coach buses and five other cars in the HOV lanes of I-405. The Washington State Patrol will likely charge the driver for illegally driving in the car-pool lane. (AP Photo/South County Journal, Matt Brashears,)