15 Insanely Impressive Pop Culture Pies That Are Too Pretty to Slice

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The beautiful food trend is so confusing to me. I love being blown away by an amazing-looking dish, but then I get sad at the thought of eating it and destroying what is so clearly a work of art. And I never want to be sad about eating food. Eating food is the best.

Nevertheless, there is one woman who is taking pies to a level that no one else has taken them before. Her pies are intricate beyond belief and most often inspired by some of the most iconic moments and characters in pop culture. Sure, we all know a fancy cakemaker or two. But pies? This has been uncharted territory… until now.

She is a filmmaker and pie expert behind the site piesareawesome.com. It’s pretty self-explanatory. Jessica makes insane pop-culture-inspired pies that she exhibits on her Instagram account, @ThePieous and on her YouTube channel, where she documents how she achieves dessert perfection in mesmerizing videos. Her pies are as epic as pies can be.

A Wrinkle in Time? More like A Wrinkle in Pie! Oprah can honestly pull off any look, including being a caramel chocolate apple pie. The woman is flawless.

A Pietrait of David Bowie in Labyrinth

The hair. It’s so spiky and perfect. How does she do it?!

This is the most beautiful pastry tribute I’ve seen to the late great Carrie Fisher. General Organa would be quite cherry about this. Wait, did I say cherry? I meant cheery.

Can you believe the detail on this Merida princess hand pie? I can’t believe someone actually took a bite of her! It’s amazing what Jessica has been able to do with Disney princesses… When you wish upon a tart, makes no difference who you are…

This is insane. This is a true pie-ture book. Jessica took photos at every step of the way so you can witness the creation of this masterpiece. Scroll through!

Game of Compote Dragon Pie

Nothing to see here. Just a giant dragon on top of a chocolate mousse and raspberry compote pie surrounded by a golden crown. No biggie.

OK these Jabba the Hutt hand pies are a little too accurate. Honestly, he looks like he ate too much pie. And he’s a pie. Meta.

The detail here is beyond incredible. She made raccoon whiskers! Out of pie crust! I don’t know how she manages it. But here’s the thing — I don’t think I could eat Baby Groot. He’s too cute!

I would 100 percent watch a reboot of Beauty and the Beast where Belle falls in love with this pie and has to get society to accept their love. Because look at it. It’s beautiful.

True story: In the original cut of Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining, Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson) attacked Wendy (Shelley Duvall) at the door with a cherry pie. But it wasn’t scary enough so they gave him an ax instead.

It says a lot about Bruce Willis that he still looks amazingly tough when made out of pie crust and surrounded by hearts.

With this perfect pie, Betty White has truly become a golden girl. As Mary Berry would say, I doubt we’ve got a soggy bottom on this flawless bake.

Not only can Jessica kill it with pie crust, but her chocolate work is also on point. This woman is way too talented. Are there art galleries dedicated to edible art? Because if not, I’m going to open one and Jessica will be the first show.

This is the droid pie you’re looking for. They say nothing is more all-American than apple pie, but I would argue that a Star Wars-themed apple pie takes the cake…or the pie… You know what I mean.