Do you ever see something that just makes you chortle but you can't explain why? You know, the kind of laughter that leaves you grinning at your phone in public like an idiot.

These posts we found on the @KidsWriteJokes Twitter feed do just that.

Kids Write Jokes is a website where kids can submit their own jokes. The site posts their favorite jokes to Twitter, complete with spelling errors and Caps Lock in all their glory. It is a gift to mankind.

Here are our favorite submissions.

This one starts off like your average chicken joke...

...and goes everywhere we never thought it could. I guess any way you slice it, they're not wrong.

Sometimes, when you're a kid you have strong feelings about horses.

Where do you find a freak horse? Also, what is a freak horse? We don't know, but we feel very protective of Jessica. What did she do to deserve this?

What did the what say to the what?

Oooh cow, you're so spicy! That's so saucy of the pepper to say that. Is the pepper hitting on the cow here? We can't say for sure, but we love it.

Sometimes you have to ask your waiter difficult questions.

Ten points to the waiter for taking things literally, and ten points to this kid for thinking outside of the box.

These kids have a lot of existential thoughts.

We really want to know what inspired this one and what information this kid has that we don't. Why were we invented? Why are we all here? Because we're idiots, obviously.

These poor waiters keep getting mixed up in other people's jokes.

We keep imagining scenarios where there are actually sausages on the mom's plate and where there are actually worms on the mom's plate, and it is hilarious either way.

How do you keep the doctor away?

They've been keeping this alternative to "An apple a day..." from us this whole time!

Hey, man!

This got dark real quick. Am we dead? Am you dead? Are we all still here? Is reality an illusion? We have a lot of questions, but we're pretty sure this kid has all the answers.

This kid is really holding society up to the light.

This kid gets major props for empathy. He or she is definitely not going to blow up on any baristas in the future. They're just doing their job, y'all!

It's always worth talking to a doctor when you have concerns about your body.

Why did we never question this? Someone give this kid a Pulitzer Prize, because this joke is way ahead of its time.

What is funny and has eight legs?

If you weren't worried about clowns before, now you have a great new image to conjure every time someone mentions Pennywise, Twisty the Clown, or even just an average spider. Lucky you!

Why did the hen run away?

We're proud of this hen for rolling up her belongings into a bindle, slinging it over her shoulder and heading off to find a calling that better suits her interests.

This kid really gets our feelings about bread.

If we could eat bread for every meal, we would.

This kid is changing the joke-telling game.

This is a great reminder to keep trying those things that you haven't quite mastered yet.

Finally, an anatomical question with a levelheaded response.

Forget science. This is the best answer that we could get.