15 Kids Get Adopted in Halloween Costumes During Adorable Courtroom Ceremony

I love an adoption story as much as the next person does, and they’re all truly unique. But, this one is something else, with fifteen kids getting adopted in adorable Halloween costumes during a courtroom ceremony…

Adoption truly is a wonderful thing, saving so many lives, and giving children a real chance to find happiness, not only in their families but in the world too.

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Fifteen children got adopted while wearing adorable Halloween outfits during a courtroom ceremony, and we just can’t get enough.

Family Support Services of North Florida (FSS) and Duval County Judge Michael Kalil hosted a not-so-scary Halloween-themed event in the Duval County Court House.

“Welcome to our adoption event here: Home for Halloween,” said Duval County Judge Michael Kalil, as per News 4 Jax.

I bet the Halloween-holiday spirits were super high in the courtroom, that day!

“If you can foster, please. If you can help your community and help the children — foster,” Paul Chance, a now-adoptive papa said to the outlet.

Lacy, aged 2, had been cared for by the Chance family since she was just a newborn but on Friday, she officially became their child by law.

I just can’t imagine how amazing that must feel.

In the video a special little someone even came with a sign, detailing their adoptive experience.

“After 609 days I was adopted,” read the sign of Isaiah Littles, who like fourteen other kids that day, found their forever home.

It’s safe to say that this will be the Halloween holiday of a lifetime for these adorable little spookies.

And because of stories like these, Judge Michael Kalil described it as a “beautiful event.”

“We have wonderful families adopting these kids, giving them the love, stability they so desperately need,” the judge said.

It wasn’t just candy that these kids got this year, but loving families too.

So, let’s hope there are many more loving adoptions for all the more than deserving children out there!