15 People Who Will Never, Ever Win ‘Employee of the Month’

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We all make mistakes on the job, and if you’re working hard an trying your best, there’s no shame in that.

But when the mistakes are this glaring and absurd, it means the employee is either way under-skilled or just plain lazy.

Either way, we’re gonna guess that most of the employees who made these mistakes got the boot.

Oh, right. People could get electrocuted. That minor issue.

Why do her eyes look like she’s scheming something truly awful?

Or, maybe it’s a gateway to Narnia. Or, maybe something way scarier lives down there. Who knows!

But… what happens when the grass grows out?

How many people miss their stop because they couldn’t find their button in time? How many gave up in anguish and just lay down on the floor of the elevator, whispering “Goodbye, cruel world”….? But we’ve only just begun our journey. Let’s keep going.

The sign’s not wrong, per se…

…but it’s also not terribly helpful. Also, what’s it standing on?

It seems like a lot of people had to screw up for this to happen. Nice team effort!

Probably not gonna withstand a strong gust of wind.

At the very least, pics of the truck are making the rounds online. That’s called viral marketing. You’re a genius!

“Don’t get shot,” is sage advice, flu season or not. Now, are the next pics lazy or brilliant?

That sure was an easy assignment. What’s next, boss?

That might actually give customers some anxiety.

It’s like someone had a list, then put the words there phonetically.

That is one aspirational handrail. Also, it’s really more of a “hand ramp” than a “hand rail.”

This extra effort won’t be forgotten when it’s time to hand out promotions. Have you seen any epic fails in your workplace? Share them with us on Facebook!