A photographer in Shanghai shares some of the very... um, interesting... slogans he's found on clothing that residents are wearing. Something tells us that they may not realize exactly what that t-shirt says...

Freelance photographer Alex Greenburg likes to share his snapshots from street scenes in Shanghai.

He shares the photos on his Instagram account @ShanghaiObserved, which features some head-turning photos of people wearing some very strange English slogans.

Like this one.

Now I don't know this boy, but I have to assume he doesn't know what that says — because it's simply too early in life for him to be setting these kinds of hard and fast rules.

Some of them are actually an improvement.

I'd honestly buy so much Nike stuff if this was their actual slogan.

This woman definitely knows what her shirts says.

How could she not? It speaks truth; the only truth I know, and the only truth that's real: pizza.

And you know what? I think this guy does, too.

Yeah, definitely. I mean, for his sake, I hope so anyway. Otherwise he is going to be so embarrassed about this photo...because of his shirt, of course.

This guy is ready to set some ground rules.

And, I mean, fair enough. Get the word out there, man. I'm all about that affirmative consent.

Some outfits ask some really big questions.

Questions a lot of the people who went to my very conservative Christian college would be so stoked to answer for this guy.

While others offer some sage wisdom.

This lady has seen some things and come out on the other side speaking the truth.

But some truths are evident from the day we're born.

This girl is a fast learner. Someone get this little genius a beer.

I can only hope that she's the child of this woman.

Who — I choose to believe — understands just how done she is with taking crap.

But some of these are truly unfortunate.

I can only hope that maybe this woman has just reached the next level of feminism where she's reclaiming words left and right. I really, really hope that.

Meanwhile, this woman has found the perfect shirt.

That's not only a good metaphor for life, but it's also a perfect metaphor for bicycling.