15 Times Careless Twitter Users Really Wished They Could Go Back and Edit Their Idiot Tweets | 22 Words

We all know that social media has a very long memory when it comes to the mistakes we make. But while many platforms have started to let us edit our posts, Twitter offers no such kindness.

Rather, we're faced with "live with it" or "delete."

Needless to say (seeing as they ended up on this list) these tweets probably should have just been deleted. And maybe they were. But not before they were memorialized forever in screenshotted greatness.

First off, let's take this popular one.

No, you can't change the cosmos. And given you had to ask this question, it's probably a good thing this Twitter user can't.

Wow. All the editing in the world wouldn't fix this gem.

from facepalm
Shout out to the Big Guy for making Stonehenge!

Well, we better get started then!

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"Time's a-wastin' folks!"

You can take back the tweet, but...

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...You can't take back your terrible palette or your unwillingness to try new things.

Can someone help these folks identify a bay leaf?

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Or don't, but they're clearly struggling. We've covered this in great detail.

Let's keep wading through these.

I understand how you could THINK that.

But you wrote it out and everything!

It's not nighttime all at once for everyone, dude.

Time zones are more elusive than I thought!

Wait, you mean the third word?

from facepalm
It's a lame sentiment made somehow lamer by the fact that this guy doesn't know what "first" means.

I'd say that money is the least of your worries if you're sporting that case.

Return to sender (or prepare for a lot of unpleasant interactions).

When you can't even do a dumb, rebellious act properly.

from facepalm
I love the cop's response on Twitter. And the hits aren't over yet, folks!

She actually used this funny exchange to write a song!

Here it is. It's great.

Someone tell this clueless person how "being gay" works. Please?

I'd love to see their reaction.

How often is the Super Bowl?

And how often do we get new Presidents?

Don't do this. Please, just don't do this.

I can't believe a person "showed off" their debit card like this.

Sounds like it could be a lame grammar exercise for second-graders.

I love the smell (odor, aroma, stench) of synonym.