15 Times Starbucks Baristas Royally Screwed Up The Names They Put on Cups

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We’ve all been there: we look down at our Starbucks cup and realize something isn’t quite right. Did the person who made my non-fat cappuccino really think Lucy was spelled Loosay? I get Lucie, even Luci would get a pass, but it seems like baristas often spell names so wrong they’re doing it on purpose. Some people suspect this is actually Starbucks’ evil plan: if they spell your name incredibly wrong, you’re more likely to post a photo of your cup on social media and give them free advertising. Whether or not that’s true, we may never know. What we do know is that Starbucks’ employees are super good at messing up names. Here’s a list of some of the funniest misspellings people have found on the back of their Starbucks’ cups.


At least not that we’ve ever heard of. But who knows what the young people are naming their kids these days.

Doesn’t everyone know a Carc?

After her coffee she’s Jasnice.

But probably needs to work on their listening skills. Mary Lou is a human, not a cow!

They have to keep it wholesome, D*ck.

If Justin was a girl and his name was Justine.

It’s none of their business is she’s single, okay? She happens to have a ferret named Noodle and they’re doing fine!

They thought her name was so nice, it should be longer.

Pee could be a very unfortunate nickname for Pilar, though. They were just trying to be friendly!

Claire sounds nothing like Blay, which is also not a name.

The customer’s name was Corinne.

Her name was Cynthia. Which doesn’t seem that hard to spell, but who are we to judge?

Her name was Kay. So close.

Maybe this is the Old English version.

If you’ve never spelled before.