15 Tweets About Bad Dining Experiences so Bad They Redefine the Actual Definition of ‘Bad’

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We’ve all had some less-than-ideal dining experiences, but when Twitter asked people for some #SignsOfABadRestaurant, things quickly became extreme (in typical Twitter fashion).

Let’s take a look at the best of the worst below.

If the “head chef” is actually a microwave, flee. Unless you recognize the device from its very own Food Network show.

Are they eager to be there? Sure, no one is eager to be at work, but still…if they don’t seem like they totally hate their job, then the place might be all right. (See? We can put a positive spin on this stuff!)

But if the waiter’s recommendation is to get out of there, you should probably take their advice. They essentially work on commission, so a comment like that speaks volumes.

There are some dark secrets behind the doors of most restaurants. If that’s not enough to keep staff from eating, then you’re golden.

This menu coming with a “barf bag” is the weirdest move ever. But it’s nowhere near as bad as this next one.

But to be honest, they’re probably best left unanswered. “Meatless” it is!

You’re too good for anywhere that charges for chips and salsa or breadsticks. You deserve better.

If that Italian restaurant doesn’t have any bread appetizers for you, what are you even doing there? Filling up on bread is how you reduce the price of a meal!

Imagine putting that in your mouth! You’d need the barf bag from the other restaurant.

A sushi place does not need a pizza oven. That must’ve been the place with the barf bags. These have all been bad signs, but nothing’s as bad as this next one.

That is probably the worst choice of words they could’ve gone with. We’re good on the gas and worms, thanks.

Not the other way around. Unless you’re in an English sushi restaurant.

If there is a bottle of Pepto amongst your Heinz and Sriracha, you should probably start running. Otherwise, you might be running to the restroom.

That dessert display out front might look really good…but is it?

If you come back in a few months, and it still looks the same… Well, the dog’s face says it all.

If Gordon Ramsay comes in and starts calling everyone an idiot sandwich, you might be at a bad restaurant. But you should definitely stay for the fireworks!