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There's no question that daily fashion has become a lot more casual in the past few decades. As a result, lots of people find themselves out in t-shirts.

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Sometimes they're unremarkable and plain shirts. But every so often, a person in a novelty t-shirt will stumble into an encounter with a celebrity who has some connection to their outfit. The odds of it happening are so rare, it's easy to see why the fans AND the celebs would want to snap a quick photo to commemorate the unlikely circumstances!

George Lucas must have run-ins like this one every single day.

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There's a lot of Star Wars fans out there, and this one's wearing a shirt with a cow that says, "Milk, I am your father." It might not make any sense, but it makes for a great pic.

Don't meet the Colts QB while wearing a Patriots t-shirt, maybe?

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As you can see, Andrew Luck is clearly playing favorites between these two guys, opting for the fun showing the Colts support.

(Sad Face Emoji)

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You monster! How could you even bring something like that up around Minnie?

Wish granted.

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Well, this worked out pretty well for both of them, now didn't it?

You know Bill Murray would love something like this.

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In fact, I bet the pic was his idea. Now get a shirt with this pic on it!

What are the odds?

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First of all, who wears a shirt with a Basic Instinct scene on it? Then, who's lucky enough to spot Sharon Stone while wearing it?


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I bet the guy that plays Gus Fring has conditioned himself to respond this way whenever he sees Walter White. Even on a t-shirt.

The guy behind him is wearing a shirt that says...

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"Some people are gay. Get over it." Ian McKellan added his own spin on the concept.

If you're going to get a picture with Arya Stark...

via: Reddit might want to make sure you're wearing your finest Game of Thrones parody shirt.

Cersei and Tyrion aren't on board with the shirt.

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I mean, look at them. They can't WAIT to get this over with. At least the fan's excited!

When you're famous...

via: Imgur schedule meetings with other famous people, which allows you to plan ahead and dress for the occasion.

Well, of COURSE...

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This one isn't really that "lucky." I'm sure George knew he'd be running into Harrison that day.

If you're going to run into anyone while wearing a shirt of them...

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...then Jeff Bridges, aka "The Dude" is about as high up on the list as anyone would be.

Wow. That shirt really works!

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Now make one saying you wish you were a millionaire!

Macauley Culkin...

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...wearing a shirt of Ryan Gosling, wearing a shirt of Macauley Culkin. But it gets better...

Ryan Gosling...

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wearing a shirt of Macauley Culkin, wearing a shirt of Ryan Gosling, wearing a shirt of Macauley Culkin. I hope this game never ends.