16 Sign Fails That Remind Us One Letter Can Make a BIG Difference | 22 Words

You don't have to be an English major or a spelling champ to know that sometimes one tiny letter can make a BIG difference in a sign's meaning.

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But in case you forgot, here are 16 signs that, thanks to just one small tweak, are sending out a VERY different vibe to the people passing by. Take a look at the damage one little letter can do.


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Time and again, you'll see that this word gets mangled in the most obvious way.


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Unless that IS the real sign, and I'm just naive.

If that's true...

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...it doesn't sound so bad. It's like a consolation prize.

Hmmm. PASS.

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I'll stick with the traditional kind, thank you very much.

I would...rather not.

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So is this the work of vandals or really bad spelling?

Two Choices

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I want one of each, please!

Treat or Threat?

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Because if you're threatening me with coffee...you better deliver.

Good luck with that casting call!

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You normally don't want "feces" on your restaurant's sign, FYI. The word OR the item.


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This was a VERY avoidable mistake. I guess it's hard to check spelling on your lower back.

Eh, close enough.

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Honestly, there's a decent chance he was on both.

Small me? Nope.

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How did that "e" even end up there?


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What if that's NOT a typo? SCANDAL!

Yet again...

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Don't leave "angus" signs within reach of vandals, folks.

Well, then...

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Uh, address please? This place could experience a business boom.

"Pantry Stuffers"

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I really don't think the intended version is much better.

It's all gonna be ok.

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Thanks for reassuring me, sign. I needed that today.