16 Times Husbands Tried Their Absolute Hardest...and Failed Anyway | 22 Words

Husbands often get a bad rap for the way they contribute to the household.

Sadly, this gallery of their funny failures isn't going to help break the stereotype that men often lack the common sense necessary to run a household. But the pics are good for a laugh, and that's something!

This guy actually succeeded...

...by taping up a reminder to wish his wife a happy birthday. Very old school. Next time, maybe use your phone?

The drunk tooth fairy is EXTREMELY generous.

And as you can see, in an unrelated matter, dad's walking off a bit of a hangover.

Toast. This guy screwed up toast.

First mistake? NOT HAVING A TOASTER. Come on, dude!

I think we can all agree...

...that the husband who screwed this up was either trolling or needs to be kept in a cage somewhere.

An audience in the fridge.

Sometimes, a dad has to put his kid's googly eyes to good use.

A husband slid this under the door of the bathroom to his wife.

It's cute in a slightly codependent type of way, but maybe she was just in there for some alone time?

Never too early to teach your kid how to dress up for the occasion.

Something tells me he'll have time to grow into it.


...isn't exactly a man's specialty, and it's clear from the sharp creases on this wife's pants why that is.

When husbands fall behind on the dishes...

...anything with a floor and walls becomes a bowl.

First time using the dishwasher?

No? Well, I would have guessed otherwise from the unholy mess you're making in the kitchen.

When dad is supposed to pick up activities for the kids...

...but just buys some REALLY bright socks instead. I guess fashion goes first with this dad.

Fish food?

Yeah, in a strictly literal interpretation. But when you screw this up, you're not going to get the call for all the important stuff.

When the wife asks for a "surprise" lunch...

...so you randomly insert fruit and a twenty to keep the air of mystery alive.

Shopping with the kids...

...is always a dangerous proposition when dad's the one with the approval power. She looks like a science-fiction character.

When a guy's hanging a mirror...

...he has to remember that people of different heights will be using it. Especially when he's 6' 8" and the missus is 5' 1". Hope they have a ladder!

The softer side of a husband...

...isn't all that soft, as you'll see from this note!