People That Should Probably Be Disowned for Completely Failing at ‘Family Feud’

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Family Feud has been around for ages, and while it still maintains that cheesy 1970s appeal, most people don’t tune in to watch the contestants win. Nope. They watch the show to see what mind-blowingly crazy answers they’ll give.

There are plenty of opportunities to screw up on Family Feud, and here are the most memorable ones.

No, Snoop. That is not correctizzle answer. “Pie in the horse?” What does that even mean?

Ladies, he’s available! Or at least, if he wasn’t before, he is after giving that short-sighted answer. Let’s all say a prayer for him.

Never underestimate the ability of contestants to freeze up and say the most insanely dumb thing you’ve ever heard.

Look at him with his eyes closed. You can see the shame he’s experiencing. It’s like his mouth moved well before his brain was able to tell it to shut up.

A lot of the time, you can actually see the disappointment on their face, like they know they’re saying something dumb, but they’re powerless to stop it.

I’m sure the woman standing across from her took a step back after that answer. It’s probably best to just let her win. Maybe that’s her strategy. Scare ’em into giving up.

I’m guessing he doesn’t have a husband (or a boob job), but he probably wants his wife taking notes. You go, Willie!

I mean, what gets passed around more? A bottle of beer? Same principle, and they’re both pretty much legal most places.

But I think we were looking for Mama, Papa, or Baby. To be honest, I had to think on that one for a sec, so I can’t blame him.

l don’t know what she’s trying to say here, but the beauty of this show is that she probably has no idea, either.

In this dude’s world, once you turn 18, you start voting and the clothes come OFF! I’m sure he’s not allowed very close to schools.

She’s got that “What did I just say?” face, too. It’s confusion and regret all at the same time. I mean, “thumb” sounds almost like it would be the winner.

It’s cold out there, don’t forget to toss on your countertop. And don’t leave it at the restaurant like you did last time!

You just KNOW Steve Harvey gave one of those “I can’t believe what I just heard” faces after she answered that. That’s a tough survey. I wonder what won.

Somtimes the brain just turns off when the pressure’s on. That’s when you forget how seasons work. You could argue that’s how it goes in South America, though!

I wonder if the “top” got more answers. This was back before smartphones, so I’m sure they answer would have been much simpler. Just say “dial” and we’ll all move on.