16 Very Clever People Who Made the Absolute Best Out of Bad Situations | 22 Words

Sometimes, live hands you a huge pile of lemons. You can either whine about your bad luck, or you can get to making lemonade with what you've been given.

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These people did the latter with hilarious results. Check out what a good attitude, a sense of humor, and a little creativity can do for someone who's experiencing hardship. The results are pretty great.

You're not missing a leg, you're just opening yourself up to all sort of awesome Halloween costumes!

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Scar? Nah. That's just a lightsaber waiting for a Vader.

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This duck got new feet, and the look on its face says it all.

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Flooding just means more convenient fishing to these fellas.

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Photographer Michael Stokes turned out a modeling calendar that raises money for injured veterans that features wounded warriors modeling.

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His foot doubles as an end table when surfaces are lacking.

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How many accidents before they finally ordered the license plate?

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They deliver on their promise!

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Buckled bridge? Nah. BMX course.

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In case there was any confusion...

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It's a beauty mark, really.

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Missing an arm is the perfect reason to get dressed up as Ash from the Evil Dead and Army of Darkness series.

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Not coming home...

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The location just got better, really.

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I think we'd all rather see support of Windows, anyway. Even Mac users.

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