17 Times Athletes' Jerseys Lined Up In Hilarious Unlikely Ways | 22 Words

Sometimes the action on the field can get a little boring, so sports fans need to find their entertainment elsewhere.

Once in a blue moon, the jerseys of the on-field athletes can line up in a perfect and unintended way to create a bit of wholesome (or not-so-wholesome!) fun for the spectators. See what happening when lightning strikes and two players become more than the sum of their last names.

Happy days are here again...

They're a no-nonsense duo.

You'll probably want to see a doctor.

Shout out to Miss Independent!

Separate those two...RIGHT NOW.

Finally, a wholesome G-rated one!

One night only!


He better watch his back...

Did a potty-mouthed toddler arrange them this way?

Next stop...Wally World!

Better do as the jerseys say!

Have fun tonight, guys.

I bet they're a very profane duo.

They'll call you during dinner...

Gettin' hungry over here...

...and takin' names!