18 Awkward Encounters That Show Us Why Airport Security Is the Absolute Worst | 22 Words

There's no question that TSA agents are at least TRYING to make flying safer for all of us. Whether or not they succeed is a different story.

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But there's also no question that the increased security measures most airports have installed are very intrusive, uncomfortable, and awkward. And unfortunately, as you'll see in these pics, there's nothing to do but sit there and deal with it. Or take the bus.

"I'm not qualified to speculate, sir. You should see a doctor."

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She's DEFINITELY a terrorist. Put her through the wringer.

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I thought this was a little odd. Then I saw the girls behind her and think that this is either the sexiest airport in the world or staged.

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Thank goodness no one else is watching this...

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That's the face you make when a stranger touches you in a very awkward place.

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That kid's so over it.

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Maybe he's getting a leg massage?

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You leave Mini-Me alone!

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She's got the "Can you believe this crap?" look on her face.

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Yeah. She's a threat. Better take her shirt off.

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The TSA is full service. They'll take your pants off, but they'll also button you back up.

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We all know that recoil from a stranger's touch.

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Ugh. Do you REALLY need to see her stomach?

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Yeah, this guy's gonna definitely overtake a plane full of passengers and air marshals.

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Somehow, when they do this the weird, sterile, professional way, it seems just as bad.

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"Let me just touch your butt, and you'll be on your way. Ok. You're free to go. Have a nice flight."

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"I'm gonna hit your boobs with my fist. This is all very standard."

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The face on that TSA guy is one of intense focus. Probably resisting the urge to tickle the other guy.

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