18 Selfie Captions That Are So Good, You Won’t Even Feel Guilty Stealing Them

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But if you can come up with the right caption (even if the caption is a little self-important), you can create a hotter post. As you’ll see, a good pose and some confidence can even turn puns into firey-hot captions.

…but did a lot of people think she was a campfire for real?

…because even if they’re clever, they’re still puns. But these guys make them work.

…you have to be able to pull it off. She does.

But it’s still pretty funny. Especially when it’s used in front of a Whataburger selfie.

Seems like she worked pretty hard for a pun that’s more or less nonsense.

…pretty clever. And a very funny visual.

Makeup game: C-

…coming from a guy in jean shorts.

..you can pretty much say anything, but this works well regardless.

She’s a real person with feelings. Get your kicks at the makeup counter instead.

It looks like, from this pic, she’s always in her element.

‘Cause she’ll have you all mixed-up on your seasons.

…in this guy’s world.

(I don’t really even know what this means, but I still love it.)

And, yeah, you look pretty lit.

…is if you have a smooth line like this to balance it out.

…then shouldn’t you be at a library or something?

Saved the best for last. It’s a good sentiment and some truly awesome wordplay.